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Peace Corps Medical Requirement?

On the general medical questionnaire, I made an error in putting the wrong weight down (I actually weigh in at 5 lbs more). The weight that I had entered in, along with my current height, puts me at the "underweight" spectrum on the BMI scale. I received a message from the Peace Corps requesting mandatory paperwork from my provider regarding my "underweight" status by submitting official documentation on my weight of the past three years as well as any history of eating disorder. I have never been underweight nor have I had any history of an eating disorder. In addition to that, I have not gone to the doctor's in the past three years to weigh in or do any regular check ups (bad..I know) because at 23, I haven't had health issues or otherwise that needed medical attention. And I was an irresponsible college student. I'm only able to provide documentation on my current weight and height (I'm still at a healthy weight). Before I message them through the medical portal, does anyone have any other suggestions regarding this?

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  • Anonymous
    7 years ago
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    It's not likely that anyone here will be able to offer insight, no. There are only two RPCVs on this board and the medical has been revamped since the two of us served. (Believe it or not, it's MUCH MUCH MUCH easier now.)

    I'd suggest calling the PC medical unit and telling them you made a mistake on your form.

    I don't think it's a big deal that at 23 you haven't been to the doctor in three years.

    If you proceed through the application process, you are going to undergo the most intense medical screening you've probably ever had in your life. If you have a regular doctor, you might touch base and see if he or she can provide you with the information, but honestly, I'd start by trying to correct the initial error.

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