Why are food companies allowed to poison customers?

In the American market, processed and preserved food is riddled with chemicals that are clearly poisonous...

I don't get why the country allows companies to line the inside of cans with carcinogenic materials. Or why Cows are given artificial hormones that in turn make milk unsafe to consume.

These are only a few of many examples of food companies being allowed to "cut the corners" to make a profit.

Most commercial potato farmers say they would never eat the produce that they sell. They usually make seperate batches. One for them and one (riddled with pesticides and herbicides) for the customers.

-I know there is the organic alternative. But it doesn't help that organic foods have sky high prices.

- I am complaining about the "system". So I should stop whining and just deal with it. But I'm just wondering why the FDA and all the food testing agencies "made the deal with the devil" per say to allow these chemicals and shotty production techniques to reach the market.

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  • Anonymous
    6 years ago
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    Cuz of money

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  • Anonymous
    6 years ago

    Most of your allegations are false, but if they could be proven then that would be another matter entirely. The FDA would have to shut down those factories farms etc instantly and those places would have to re-earn their approval again

    Instead of whining in general do the research and prove what you suspect and then kick up an uproar.


    • Kyle6 years agoReport

      Do some research yourself kid. Put down some sources. Only then would your lame answers be taken somewhat seriously.

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