the female cast of doctor who I need a list?

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  • 7 years ago
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    That would be a very long list... the show has been around for 50 years! Longest running show ever.

    Nevertheless, here are most of the main ones:

    Carole Ann Ford

    Jacqueline Hill

    Maureen O'Brien

    Adrienne Hill

    Jackie Lane

    Anneke Wills

    Deborah Watling

    Wendy Padbury

    Caroline John

    Katy Manning

    Elizabeth Sladen

    Louise Jameson

    Mary Tamm

    Lalla Ward

    Sarah Sutton

    Janet Feilding

    Nicola Bryant

    Bonnie Langford

    Sophie Aldred

    Daphne Ashbrook

    Billie Piper

    Camille Coudri

    Freema Agyeman

    Catherine Tate

    Karen Gillan

    Jenna-Louise Coleman

    Alex Kingston

    ...and that's not counting the hundreds of female characters that were only there for a few episodes.

  • 7 years ago

    Assuming you don't mean the classic series, I'll start from the Ninth Doctor's episodes and so on.

    Billie Piper as Rose Tyler

    Freema Agyeman as Martha Jones

    Katherine Tate as Donna Noble

    Karen Gillian as Amy (Amelia) Pond

    Jenna-Louise Coleman As Clara Oswald

    And some other characters (Not companions)

    Camille Coduri as Jacky Tyler

    Alex Kingston as River Song

    Georgia Moffett as Jenny (The Doctor's daughter)

    Jessica Hynes as Joan Redfern (Women The Doctor falls in love with as a human)

    Tracy Anne Oberman as Yvonne Hartman (Head of Torchwood in a Cybermen episode)

    Carey Mulligan as Sally Sparrow (first Weeping Angels episode)

    Suranne Jones as Idris (The Tardis as a women)

    Elisabeth Sladen as Sarah Jane Smith (A companion from the classic series who visits)

    Sophia Myles as Madame De Pompadour (The Girl in the Fireplace)

    Source(s): Huge Doctor Who fan
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