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He says "NSA" and then asks me if I have feelings?

A question from a friend.

She has known this guy for a while now, he just got home from a year long deployment. Hadn't had any..obviously. She didn't think he liked her but she likes him. He's been home for 3 days, and of course his first goal would have been to get some. Him and her hung out, he got drunk, wanted to have sex, they didnt have condoms, but both agreed to it. They live right across the hall from each other, so the next day, the guys buddy invites her to come hang out, the guy she had sex with asks her to come out and talk to him privately. Says..ok, so I do remember everything last night, how are you feeling today. shes confused and says fine..why? he asks her if she needs a plan b? she says no thanks, im on birth control. He's like well do you have any feelings towards me? and she said, no you said nsa, am I supposed to feel something towards you? which, she does..but she didnt want to be like the only one that felt it..and she said he gave her a weird look and said, no no..its fine. THEN, yes its wrong. but he has a fiance, he was going to split up with her because he's been home from a year long deployment for almost 4 days and she has yet to come see him..he thinks shes cheating. then he proceeded to tell my friend that him and his finance patched things up, and hopefully they are going to do better this time around?

obviously thats not too much to go off of, but what do you guys think?


I told her pretty much the same thing-she said she didn't want it to be awkward between them if she did say that she liked him and he didn't feel the same. So after he said that him and his lady "patched things up", he's hoping she moves in with him. Should my friend talk to him, or let it be?

Update 2:

I can't even figure out my own relationships probs, let alone my friends'! lol They ALWAYS come to me for advice, I'm like uuh hello, I'm the only one here that has been married and divorced, remember?! haha grrrr

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  • Anonymous
    7 years ago
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    Maybe he preferred a fresh new relationship over his fiance, but she implied she was only interested in sex. That's the thing about relationships, if people aren't honest with each other then you have missed opportunities. Oh well.

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