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What should I bring on my hunting trip?

So I'm going on vacation tomorrow and I know to bring a gun and a orange hoodie(so hunters don't shoot me(it's a law)) but should I bring my phone? I'm afraid I'll take a shot and right before my iphone 5s will ring. Should I bring a knife? I doubt I'll do any close range combat...

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    A list;

    A map of the area and a compass or GPS

    A first aid kit

    Lighter and matches to build a fire

    A small mylar emergency blanket to keep you warm and to signal aircraft with

    A sharp knife and a sharpening stone

    Latex gloves for field dressing, plastic bags for the heart and liver and a small tarp for shelter and to wrap the deer for transport. Packing snow in and around the deer in the tarp will help keep it cool.

    Flash light with extra batteries.

    Yes bring your phone and turn off the ringer to vibrate mode only. Tell trusted people where you’re going and when to be back. I also advise you pack some dehydrated food to last a few days such as jerky, salted nuts and power bars and water. If there is snow wear sunglasses to prevent snow blindness. Dress in layers to stay warm and if you get hot remove a layer. Always carry an extra pair of thick wool socks and gloves.

    Being prepared can save you life and might save the life of someone looking for you. Never travel alone in remote areas that’s how people get killed. Do NOT walk on thin ice. Keep a strong rope in your back pack about 12 feet long that can support 300 lbs.

    Never takes ricks, more people die from falling off steep rocks or through ice than you could imagine. Eat a BIG meal before you go and keep hydrated all the time.

    My list is from over 50 years of wilderness survival training. I strongly advise you to bring a good survival book with edible plant photos.

    Gut any animal you get as soon as possible to prevent meat spoilage.

    Source(s): over 50 years a hunter and survilalist in over 40 states including Alaska and the rocky mountians to the deep south. As the boy scouts say; always be prepared!
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    taking a knife is useless unless its fit for purpose, most knives wont cut fur, skin..let your buddy take his, he will have bought a small, safe, (lockable) knife which is easy to clean, and easy to see in the grass/mud. hopefully.

    phone off. enjoy the silence!

    something to sit on, even a bag will do.

    if you wear glasses, a case.

  • Set your phone to the quiet mode.

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