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If I buy something from a bill me latter sight such as stoneberry what happens if I don't pay for it.?

I bought 2 guitars from stone berry they send the item and you pay later PLEASE help I don't think ill be able to pay for it at all. but id like to keep it without paying and let them kiss my shiny metal azz.

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  • 7 years ago
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    Things that can happen range from nothing (unlikely), to reporting you to the credit bureaus as a perpetrator of fraud (which means you will never be able to finance a car or a house), to taking you to small claims court (which means the US Marshals may be authorized to seize ANY of your assets to satisfy the judgment) or the company can file civil and/or criminal suits for fraud, and you could go to jail (especially since you have put your intentions here on the web to prove premeditation.)

    In short, many very bad things can happen to you if you plan and then perpetrate fraud. Much better to return at least one of the guitars and pay for the other one or call he company and try to work out payment terms. Do not just blow this off; the consequences may ruin your life.

    Source(s): Worked in banks for 20 years, has US Marshal and IRS collection manager as next-door neighbors.
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