traffic cedar hill to fort worth?

moving to Texas and most of the nursing jobs are in Dallas or fort worth. plan moving to cedar hill. can you tell me about the commute I can expect? Can I avoid the highway and take the streets?

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  • 7 years ago
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    You can't really take streets rather than freeways or highways to get North from Cedar Hill. Traffic is not too bad, unless there is an accident.

    Join the crowd since many, many people have moved to the suburbs but have to work in the city.

    There are hospitals and doctors in Cedar Hill, so you may be able to work close to your home.

  • 7 years ago

    I hope you have a REALLY good reason for wanting to live in Cedar Hill because I have always considered not living close to your job to be a really silly waste of time, frustration, and energy, not to mention fuel.

    But Cedar Hill as a site for Ft.Worth will involve driving on I-20, which is a traffic jam every morning to FtW and back in the evening. When you ask if you can do city streets, you show you have no idea of the magnitude of the commute or the real nuisance of city streets going in the wrong direction and dumping you into other traffic jams.

    One thing you can do is go to TXDOT camera

    click on the camera icon and look at the traffic on the streets you would have to travel to commute - the images are live so figure out when you would be moving on the streets.

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