Can the NSA read secure messaging like TigerText or others?

I was wondering if anyone knows if the NSA, or I guess any hacker, can read secure messaging apps like TigerText or others?

I know that TigerText encrypts the messages, and they are not sent on the SMS networks so it doesn't leave a lot of copies all over the place, and they auto-delete from all the devices after a set period of time.

Secure enough for HIPAA and SOX compliance, but are they truly secure from the NSA?


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    Well, I have a little experience with TigerText, since it is used in a hospital I work at to facilitate patient admin and to speed doctor consultations. The reason that it is used is that it is HIPAA compliant which means that it is able to keep patient information secure.

    There are a few things that make it very secure such as the fact that it is Encrypted, that is auto-delete of messages which means that if the phone or tablet is lost or stolen, then the messages will not be on the device. Also the TigerText messages are sent on the company’s network/servers, or on TigerText’s servers, and unlike SMS text messages, copies of the message are not made and left on a bunch of servers used to transmit the message.

    The reality of electronic data, is that if someone really wanted it bad enough, they will spend the time, money and effort to get it. The trick is to make it so difficult, that they give up after a while. I think TigerText will accomplish that, especially since the messages are deleted with no copies left on servers.

    Concerning the NSA, according to the Patriot act, they could ask an American, or international company to hand them data and technology keys, but it will now be harder for them to do that, and now people know that. Microsoft, Apple, Google, all are American companies. If the NSA really wanted your data, then yes then probable get the company to turn it over, but not without a fight and publicity. This also includes international companies, since the US Government can apply ‘pressure’ to do this.

    The probability of the NSA reading TigerText communications are very low since the only way would be to get a warrant from the FISA court. If they are just scanning data and traffic over the internet, then they will probably not be able to read TigerText messages due to the encryption and auto-delete features.

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    Yes, It\'s hacked. while i doubt your current NSA cares what you\'re doing Just like prolonged Just as you might be not trying in order to blow you up. HIPAA is a joke from the way, i work inside the medical division AND no matter whether we in 2010 wanted to we could accessibility thousands associated with records, there goes HIPAA's security, people don't need to be able to hack That As soon as You might salary someone that provides gain access to to help it.

  • Yes, it can be hacked. Though I doubt the NSA cares what you're doing as long as you're not trying to blow people up. HIPAA is a joke by the way, I work in a medical office and if I really wanted to I could access thousands of records, there goes HIPAA's security, you don't need to hack it when you can pay someone who has access to it.

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    7 years ago

    2 strikes against Tiger:

    1) It's a US company. They can be compelled to surrender records and/or encryption keys by NSA under the various Patriot Acts and other branches of the secret government.

    2) Their (as far as I can tell) is not vetted. How they are doing things is not disclosed by documentation.

    Encryption itself is pretty straight forward, but more often than not it's implementation that proves to be the Achilles heel for most 'secure' telecommunications. Without vetting (review by outside security and crypto experts) all you can go by it their say so...which appears to be a lot of hype to me.

  • 7 years ago

    Anything can be hacked.

    If there is a wiretap on your computer or internet, everything is readable.

    If you are looking for a way to make your message secure, encrypt them with PGP or something. Google for "GPG". It is an opensource form of PGP and there are loads of tutorials on the internet for you.

    Also, don't use Skype or things like that if you don't want to be tracked. Skype follows you around.

    There are some tutorials around for other messaging clients such as Pidgin ( ) and some other things.

    Also, check out they have some things that will help you to evade being tracked.

    Also, read about the NSA and what they want. They can get anyone if they really want to, so just be careful and try to fly under the radar. Don't do anything like blowing up a government building and they will most likely not target you, but just watch yourself.

    Hope this helps :)

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    yes and you a minimal risk unless your a radical extremist

    stop watching porn and posting dumb **** on line and you'll be safe

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