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Anonymous asked in Business & FinanceRenting & Real Estate · 6 years ago

can anybody that is well informed on policies and legalities of low income apartment complexes help me out?

I am a full time college student living with my girlfriend who is also a fulltime student and her mom and special ed sister. We applied at this apt complex and there was a mistake made where my girlfriend was put down as PAR-Time. My question is what does me and my gf being fulltime or partime students have to do with this if our financial aid doesnt count towards income? Can they evict us for this mistake? And why did they only give us a 1 week notice? If someone can please clarify this for me I would really appreciate it.

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  • 6 years ago
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    This doesn;t appear to have anything to do with the mistake of your gf being part-time, or whatever. It just looks like your lease is up and they have decided to termintate the lease, not renew it, and so you have to leave the place.

    However, as you state, I can't believe one weeks notice is proper notice for where you are. You don't say what state you are in so I can't check it but you need to look up the proper notice period for your state (can be as little as 15 days but I've never seen one week and could be as much as almost 60 days) and call the landlord and inform them of their obligation to give you proper notice and that since they haven't given you proper notice yet, they haven't given you any notice yet and until they do give you proper notice the clock on when you need to leave doesn't start.

    So they are asking you to leave for no specified reason and they can do this if your lease is up but they do have to follow the proper procedure which they do not appear to have done.

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