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Becoming an Actress? How to get noticed? Proper Attitude?

Just a fun question. :)

I took a drama class back when I was 15 and the teacher even said that I would make a good Actress. Then I have my friends and family backing that up.

I honestly can't dance and I am very clumsy even though I happened to be awesome with being "in-character"; I sort of always just made it work.

Anyway, what do you think is required out of someone to be an actress? Honestly, I have seen many actors/actresses fall and many rise to the top. Compare Britney Spears fall from fame and Jennifer Lawrence's rise.

I would say good attitude. But those are traits, maybe mention how one would become an Actress. Being noticed on YouTube? Going to College? Best way, in your opinion to rise up. :)

Thanks you fun awesome people! <3

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    Well, if your goal is just to act you can do that almost anywhere. If you enjoy acting and are good at it, you can act locally in things like community theater or student films. You can build a local reputation and network so people might consider you for local commercials or other things. You can get together with friends and make your own movies or a web series for friends and family (just don't expect to get "discovered" if you post them on YouTube or something). Things like that.

    If you're talking a professional acting career - that's different. Professional acting is a business - not a lottery. If you sit around waiting for someone to notice you, you're not going to get far. There are not a bunch of open auditions for professional work that you could just keep going to until you get something. For most professional work you have to be invited to audition, usually through a talent agent. And you can't just hire talent agent, it's more like they choose you.

    There's no one way (or even necessarily a best way) to become an actor. There are not a bunch of steps you can go through and then voila! you're an actor. But if you approach a professional career more like business you may have a better chance of success. SOME of what you'll eventually need for a professional acting career:

    * Talent.

    * Acting training. Voice lessons and dance lessons can be helpful too. You'll want a program with a good reputation and well-respected instructors.

    * Experience. Audition for what you can - community theater, student films, local productions. You start small and work your way up. Contact local film schools and ask how they find out actors for student films and check those sources. Check the websites for your local film commission and see what opportunties might be there.

    * Marketing Materials: Professional head shot, acting resume, and an acting reel (video of your on-screen work if you're interested in film/tv) and other things. These are what you use to convince people to hire you - they need to be strong.

    * A licensed talent agent. You get an agent by convincing one that you have the talent, training, experience and commitment to book professional jobs. Agents are paid on commission (never pay an agent up front). Since they're paid only if their clients are paid, they are picky about who they take on as clients. Most agents are not interested in beginners. They want clients who have demonstrated they have the skill and committment to book professional jobs.

    * Live where the auditions are. There's the large markets of LA and NYC - but there are also mid-sized markets like Chicago, Texas, Florida and the like. You may want to start there, build a good local reputation and then use that to move to a larger market.

    * Several well-developed monologues for auditions. Read plays and scripts - all kinds - and keep an eye for characters and monologues you want to develop.

    * Great auditioning skills. Talent agents get you auditions - it's up to you to book the job.

    * To be a member of an actor's union (SAG-AFTRA for screens or AEA for stage) or at least an understanding of how unions work.

    * An understanding of the business end of acting. You're going to have to research to understand the casting process, who the players are, what they do (and don't do), industry contracts, and other things. You need a plan as to how to approach your career - what type of acting you want to work (stage, screen, commercials, independent films, live events, etc)

    * A good network of connections in the industry. Classes can be a good way to start networking. Volunteer if you can, keep connected with talented people you've worked.

    * A strong foundation and healthy ways to cope with the stress of trying to work professionally. You need to be able to handle rejection, competition and instability. You'll be rejected far more than you'll be accepted. There's a lot of judgment during audition including your looks, you need to be comfortable with yourself and your looks and not get obsessed with your appearance. Professional acting is EXTREMELY competitive.

    * A way to support yourself besides acting. Every acting job you get is temporary, so you always have to be concerned about when/if you'll get another job. Most professional actors don't support themselves by acting alone. So you probably won't get paid anything at all when you first start off.

    Good luck.

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    While I hate to burst your bubble, the opinions of one teacher, and friends and family, mean absolutely nothing.

    Yes - attitude is important, but you need huge talent, loads of luck, and enough determination to go through years of very hard work with absolutely no guarantee of ever getting a single day's paid acting work at the end of it.

    Youtube is totally useless for actors - a complete waste of time.

    Basically, to make a start as an actor, you'd need to -

    1) Have loads of natural talent.

    2) Get a few years of training at a good acting school, going from the basic classes to advanced ones.

    3) Get experience in a wide range of stage plays and shows.

    4) Learn to sing and dance if possible.

    5) Train for a good ordinary job as well, one you can work free-lance, as you’ll need it. Almost all actors work at least one other job just to survive.

    6) Ideally study Drama at degree-level at drama school or university.

    7) After all the above, try to find an agent who will accept you.

    8) When you get an agent, which is how you find auditions, try to win a few auditions out of the hundreds you'll have to apply for.

    And sadly, the best that almost all actors will ever get is 2 or 3 weeks paid acting work a year - that's the average - and will never get more than a few minor roles in small productions.

    Watch any movie, and count the number of actors in the cast list at the end which you hardly noticed - 'fifth bad guy', 'blonde prostitute', 'cop with ladder' and so on - they all imagined themselves up there at the top, but for the vast majority, that's as good as it gets.

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    Do you think it is worth it to go through a Fine Arts degree in acting?

    The 10 Most Useless Graduate Degrees, Business Insider Oct 2013 - #1

    The 10 Worst College Majors – Forbes Magazine Oct 2012 - #2

    20 Most Useless Degrees – The Daily Beast 2011 - #12

    The Most Useless Degrees – Salary.Com 2012 - #7

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    To become an actor you need to train at an accredited drama school where agents scout for new talent.

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