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Diminished value in texas from gieco for a car accident? HELP!!! brand new car. huge problems?

I have a 2014 dodge challenger R/T with blacktop package. I bought it 26 days ago. I wrecked it 21 days ago. Not my fault. Currently it sits at service king in kingwood TX.

here is the problem: ServiceKing decided to hand me a car that was in worse shape than before the wreck. We are 21 days into this repair process on my 33k car and I had to tell them to redo everything today. Basically a new bumper and left front end along with suspension and engine cradle. (or about 11k worth of work according to my parts list.) I walk out to see my car to do my inspection and the first thing I notice is the hood has a huge scratch on it, prior to the wreck there was no hood damage, and looking closer the lazy shitbags buffed my car with what looks like a rock on the buffer. My damn fender they replaced has rough edges the paint doesn't match etc. looks like ****. They wanted to argue about how half *** they worked and I had to leave. I do not tolerate laziness. This car had dried paint on my wheels, windows, truck, everything. It had not been cleaned and I had noticed dents on the opposite side which were not their prior to the wreck. I may burn down service king. Read my review for the full story, google service king kingwood tx and read the google review.

Now, I sold cars a long time ago. I build cars when I can. I am fully aware that once a new car gets wrecked it is never the same. This isn't necessarily about getting money and being satisfied. If my car can get fixed in the next week id be pretty satisfied. But the point is it will never be perfect now, and how do I get some money out of it. I am in the military and PCS jan 2 and need these problems resolved.

How do I get diminished value money from gieco? I know what my car is worth and my insurance guy (USAA) told me that I should guarantee that my 33k car is about 17k now. I read that my first step is to write a letter to the insurance company? hire a lawyer? SOMEONE TELL ME WHAT WORKED FOR THEM!


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    First things first, you have gotta get the repairs done properly. Why you would take a brand new car to a service king is beyond me, but whatever.

    Get your car out of there and to the dealer, with a copy of the original estimate, if you have one. Ask the dealer do their own assessment and submit a "supplement" to the insurance company. They will know what you mean. Then call the insurance company and make them aware of what is happening. They will either send an adjuster out to re-inspect, or just review the estimate from the dealer.

    If service king is one of the insurance company's preferred shops, make a formal complaint against them with the ins company.

    Then, once the repairs are finally completed properly, you can decide if a DV claim is necessary.

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    If you sold cars, then you know that your $33k car dropped in value by $10k the second you drove it off the lot. Not that it matters. From what you say, your car hasn't been totaled, and if it's true the other party's insurance accepts responsibility, then their insurance will pay for the repairs. As for anything extra, don't count on it.

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    Your "insurance guy" should be dealing with this. It's what you pay them for.

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