Cold Sore(s) Occurring Before Each Period?


Since August I have been getting a cold sores before my period, it's becoming annoying! And I am not sure what to do about (other than use Abreva). Normally, I would get a cold sore maybe twice, three times maximum pre year. I am aware that stress, not enough sleep, exposer to sunlight for long periods of time/harsh winter weather can cause cold sores. However, I know I am not stressed and/or not sleeping enough (even though I am in college). Other than hormones I am at a loss of figuring out why this is happening each month!! Could it possibly be the changing of seasons? E.g., summer to fall and now late fall into winter.

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    I started writing cs on my calendar I use for tracking my periods and I noticed it always right before or right after my period. It does say on the medical sites that menstruation can bring it on.

    When I get a cold or eat a high arginine food (which is rare but usually just popcorn) I take 3000 mg of Lysine daily instead of my usual 1000 daily. So this month 4 days before my scheduled period I am going to take the 3000 mg daily while I have my period and see if that does anything to prevent. Also I was researching this and some cold sore sufferers say that taking echinacea while having a cold and during the period time helps prevent to so I was just thinking about buying that to boost immune system.

    I have had cold sores since I was a child. Age 19 they were really bad and I decided to do research. I have learned a lot over the years by experience, internet medical pages and internet forums where others share experiences they have. I now have learned what to do to keep them minimal and when I do get them they are smaller and heal fast. I will share that with you now.

    If you get them often that means you do not know that there are things that trigger cold sores.

    Avoid these things to lessen your cold sores:

    1. The sun. No sunbathing or tanning booths. This is a terrible trigger.

    2. Alcohol especially beer and including alcohol in mouthwash. I have no problem with wine.

    3. Nuts. Very bad trigger. Avoid all nuts and foods made with them like peanut butter. Also no grains and seeds.

    4. Caffeine. I do okay with 2 cups of coffee. Be careful with caffeine drinks like Monster etc. I drink diet coke and have no problem with that.

    5. Stress.

    6. Colds and illness.

    7. Citrus fruits like lemons, limes, oranges and no juices made with them or medicine etc.

    8. Sour candy like sweetarts, warheads etc. and hot chips like flaming hot cheetos etc.

    9. Citrus sodas like mountain dew and 7 up and all brands and off brands like it.

    10. High arginine foods.

    11. Females cannot avoid this but menstruation can bring it on.

    12. Season changes in weather.


    Medications: L-Lysine take 1000 mg daily every single day to prevent them. I find the 1000 mg tablets are two big so I buy the 500 and take 2 every single day of the year . Buy at the pharmacy, grocery, walmart etc. I buy mine online at Puritan Pride. They always have huge sales and I get buy 1 get 3 bottles free. When you get a cold sore take 3000 mg -Lysine while you have one. As soon as you get a cold sore put Neosporin Plus Pain on it and do that a few times a day, especially before bed. This heals it fast. The Plus Pain part of the Neosporin takes away most of that tingling. Also there is data that Zinc helps heal cold sores I take one a day when I get a cold sore. Buy zinc at the same places above, again I get mine at Puritan. Ask your doctor beforef taking the above medications just to verify especially if you take other meds. Keep using the Neosporin as above until its gone.

    Eat foods high in-Lysine every day and low or no Arginine. Greek Yogurt daily is good and a apple is good daily, every day.. Look on the internet the list of high Lysine foods so you know what to eat. Look up high argine food so you know what to not eat. Follow that or you will have repeat cold sores more often. This is very important.

    When I do get a cold sore, it only grows for one day or really a half and super slow. Usually it will stay within the border of the lip. By the third day the appearance is very small and scabbing.

    Dont use anything else on the lips at any time like chapstick, lipstick etc.

    When apply things to the lip use a qtip and never touch the sore andput back in the medication.

    You can get a prescription for Valtrex from your doctor for cold sores. I tried this many many years ago and it gave me a sore throat to take it daily. I am not sure how it works with cold sore so look up forums to see what cold sore sufferes say about this.

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    Cold sores can occur when your immune system is not as strong or when it is compromised. That might be a factor. The virus itself and why it comes to the fore sometimes is not that well understood. Since you are getting these outbreaks so frequently you should talk to your doctor about them. There are a number of anti-viral medications that can help. One I know of that helps tremendously is Valtrex. You take it at the first sign of a cold sore, when you first feel that tingling, and it stops the cold sore in its tracks. And after taking Valtrex a couple of times your outbreaks will become fewer and fewer, and when you do have an outbreak it will be much less severe and will be over faster.

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