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last states to end alchohol prohibition biggest producers of alcohol?

Why where the last states to end prohibition the biggest producers of illegal alcohol during prohibition nationwide?

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    Amendment XXI to the Constitution was proposed to the several states by the 72nd Congress, on the 20 February 1933, and was declared, in a proclamation by the Secretary of State, dated 12 May 1933, to have been ratified by 36 of the 48 States.

    Subsequent ratifications were:

    Michigan: 10 April 1933; Wisconsin: 4/2 May 1933; Rhode Island: 8 May 1933;

    Wyoming: 2 May 1933; New Jersey: 1 June 1933; Delaware: 24 June 1933;

    Indiana: 26 June 1933; Massachusetts: 26 June 1933; New York: 27 June 1933;

    Illinois: 10 July 1933; Iowa: July 1933.

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    Just an anecdote to this: we Canadians sold a lot of bootleg liquor to them during the 1930s prohibition, ha. Good old Canadian rye whiskey and rotgut!

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