Why is the West better than the East in every sport?


I don't follow the NFL so I don't know if it follows the same trend.

WHY??? Most of the money is in the East, most of the fans are in the East.

Why is the west always so much better in team quality and strength?

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  • Mr Kus
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    6 years ago
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    Thats not the way I see it. In the NHL the East has won more Stanley cups even if you consider Detroit and Chicago western teams. Last season the Argos won the Grey Cup. And I'm pretty sure if you go back 50 years you'll find that the East has won more championships than the west in all sports.

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  • 6 years ago

    The AL West is better than the East??

    Red Sox, Tampa, NY, Baltimore, Toronto

    Texas, Oakland, Seatte, Houston, LAA

    AL East: 433 Wins + WS Champion

    AL West: 387 Wins

    It is just a temporary shift. A few years ago all the teams in the East dominated while the Western teams have struggled, it will shift back eventually, or at least even out

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