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Why does the price of children's toys increase during Christmas time?


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    Having been through a few years of Christmas shopping for nephews and nieces myself, I would say: They DON'T really rise in price. There are of course the big deals for Black Friday, some of which are honest-to-goodness bargains, but some are either low prices on old/unwanted stock or not really bargains at all. But all in all, the regular price tag on a toy in November is the same as its price tag in March or July.

    What *does* happen is that each year there are a few items that become highly desired--Tamagotchi one year, Tickle Me Elmo another year, Zhu Zhu Pets another year, so on and so forth--and product shortages mean that there are people willing to pay more for (and opportunists willing to sell) these hot toys. So it's not that the stores are increasing the prices for these toys; rather, they don't have them in stock, and people who have anticipated the demand or manage to come upon some of these items wind up selling them at a huge profit over eBay, as Amazon third party sellers, or on Craigslist.

    That would be the reason to shop early for toys. Around September or October is ideal--that's when the newest products and soon-to-be hot items hit shelves. They key is to figure out what those hot items are supposed to be and snap them up--you may be paying regular price for something that gets cheaper after Thanksgiving, but at least you know you'll be getting that item and may wind up being the cool uncle/aunt who gives the best presents.

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    Because when demand increases (more parents want to buy more toys), the price raises.

    Since there's more people wanting to buy more toys, there are less toys to offer (the toy supply decreases) and therefore toy stores increase the prices in order to produce more toys.

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    Because that's mostly when people go out and buy toys for their kids. I always try to buy stuff early because I know if I wait the prices will go up.

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    The stores want more money and know people HAVE to buy toys for Christmas.



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