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Was Herman Cain ever proven to be guilty or innocent of the accusations by women?

Or did it just end as an unknown?

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    It all just went away once he stepped down from running.

    Kind of like everything just went away once Meg Whitman lost the California governors race.

    The Dems just wanted to force him out.

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    Ginger White was not accusing Cain of illegal activity, only of an extramarital with herself. She apologized for the trouble she caused Cain's wife and shut up about it as soon as Cain dropped out of the race but did not recant her story. White had previously been accused of fabricating stories and previously lost a libel suit against her by Kimberly Vay, her former partner in a fitness coaching business after White sent a "defamatory" note to an email list of the company's clients and to city officials. Phone records were consistent with Cain's version of their friendship and White's agreement that he helped her financially for years supports the friendship story but nothing more. White had received eviction notices on at least three occasions and was desperate. Cain believes she thought the notoriety would bring her financial relief.

    Private investigator TJ Ward used lie detection software used by law enforcement to analyze Cain's versus Bialek's statements. The results showed Herman Cain was not lying and that Bialek was. Bialek had a long history of shady gold-digging ploys. Bialek was a close neighbor to Obama's campaign manager David Axelrod in Chicago.

    The $35K to a departing employee was severance pay, which is often extorted from companies by disgruntled employees. I received severance pay this year during a routine layoff in exchange for not badmouthing the company or its executives for at least one year. So, although employer was innocent but still paid me to be quiet. Let's do our homework into reality before we comment based solely on our biases!

    There are plenty of news stories on the web to Google/Bing/Yahoo.

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    Nope, it all just faded in the dust. The Obama administration saw Cain as a threat to their campaign so they probably paid off those women to make accusations to beat down Herman Cain.

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    Herman ended it by dropping out. That pretty much ended any further discussion of the whole thing beyond the she-said phase. I interpreted Herman's squelching of further discussion of the topic by dropping his bid for the presidency as an admission of something. But you could also say that it ended as unknown.

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    The real scandal :Herman Cain accused of Sexual Improprieties

    Thomas Sowell - Syndicated Columnist

    The real scandal in the accusations against Herman Cain is the corruption of the law, the media and politics.

    Let's start with the law. Some people may think the fact that the

    National Restaurant Association reportedly paid $45,000 to settle a

    claim made by one of its employees against Mr. Cain is incriminating.

    Most of us are not going to part with 45 grand without some serious reason.

    But that is very different from the situation of an organization in the

    present legal climate.

    The figure $45,000 struck a chord with me because, some years ago, my

    wife -- who is an attorney -- was fervently congratulated when her

    client had to pay "only" $45,000 in a jury award when the plaintiff was

    demanding a million dollars, in a case that was as frivolous a lawsuit

    as you could find.

    The person who was suing was a drunk driver, whose car went out of

    control and slammed into a tree. After the sheriff's deputies arrested

    her, she sued them on dubious charges, and the sheriff's department was

    glad it had to pay "only" $45,000.

    The department was painfully aware of the uncertainty about what ruinous costs a jury might impose on the deputies.

    The real scandal goes far beyond the case of Herman Cain and his

    accusers. The real scandal is that the law allows people to impose heavy

    costs on others at little or no cost to themselves. That is a perfect

    setting for legalized extortion.

    The fact that neither judges nor juries always stick to the letter of

    the law means that people who have zero basis for a lawsuit, under the

    law as written, can still create enough uncertainty to extract money

    from people who cannot afford the risk of going to trial.

    As for a $45,000 settlement, that is what an organization would pay to settle a nuisance lawsuit -- if they are lucky.

    If we had a legal system where judges threw frivolous cases out of

    court, instead of letting them go to trial, that would put a damper on

    legalized extortion.

    If those who bring charges that do not stand up in court had to pay the

    other party for their legal fees -- and should have to pay for their

    time as well -- these games could not go on.

    It turns out that the women making televised charges against Herman Cain

    have past histories that do not inspire confidence, including in at

    least one case a history of making similar complaints against others.

    Another woman who has come forward tells of Herman Cain asking her, at

    some conference, to see if she could locate some woman in the audience

    who had asked him a question, so that he could take her to dinner. This

    apparently struck her as suspicious.

    This too reminded me of something I knew about personally. Many years

    ago, I was at a conference where a woman made some very insightful

    comments, and I took her to lunch to continue the discussion.

    It so happens she was a nun. Contrary to cynics, there is more than one reason for a man to take a woman to lunch or dinner.

    The same mainstream media whose responses to proven charges against Bill

    Clinton was, "Let's move on," is not about to move on from unproven

    charges against Herman Cain.

    What role does race play in all this?

    It is probably not racism, as such, that motivates these attacks on

    Herman Cain. The motivation is far more likely to be politics, but

    politics makes a prominent black conservative like Clarence Thomas or

    Herman Cain far more dangerous to the Democrats than an equally

    prominent white conservative.

    The 90 percent black vote for Democrats is like money in the bank on

    Election Day. A prominent black conservative who offers an alternative

    view of the world is a serious danger politically, because if that

    alternative view has the net effect of reducing the black vote for

    Democrats just to 75 percent, the Democrats are in big trouble at

    election time.

    Source(s): In this political context, merely defeating a black conservative at the polls or at confirmation hearings is not enough. He must be destroyed as an influence in the future -- and character assassination is the most obvious way to do it. Read more at
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    6 years ago

    Nothing was proven.

    @Greg W - She was paid for the story originally. Cain didn't pay her to keep quiet as evidenced by the obvious fact that she didn't. Some people are just dum.

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    Nope. As soon as he dropped out, the issue disappeared.

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    He was never on Trial so there was no need to Prove Anything.

  • Anonymous
    6 years ago

    Im sure it was made up NOW or NAGs set it up.

  • Greg
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    6 years ago

    He just paid them to keep quiet.

    You know.... like innocent people do.

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