amazon kindle new zealand?

hi looking to buy a kindle for my kids living in new zealand. wouuld you be able to deal with any issues there or downloads etc . i.e. is amazon in new zealand?


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  • 7 years ago
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    I believe New Zealand has to use (the US site). I was surprised NZ doesn't use the UK site but apparently NZ does not. I don't think Kindle book purchases/downloads are a problem unless you don't have a Wifi network. You should have a Wifi network in your house (a wireless extension of your home internet). In the US the big internet providers can supply customers with a wired/wireless router. At our house we just bought our own Wifi router and put it between the wired internet router and the one computer that plugs in with wired ethernet.

    Here is a 2010 article

    You may have to use this link to buy Kindles and select your country in the dropdown

    And if this is up-to-date, these retailers sell Kindle readers in NZ and Australia

    Australian and New Zealand retailers

    Big W: 1300-244-999

    Dick Smith: 1300-366-644

    Note about Kindles and Amazon accounts - this works like most other proprietary readers. A Kindle can only read the Amazon kindle books of the Amazon account it is registered to. And for the tablets (like Kindle Fire) the same is true for music, videos, apps. One Amazon account can have many Kindle devices and Amazon Kindle software readers registered to it. But one Kindle or Kindle reader software can only be registered to one Amazon account at a time. If you de-register it, all content owned by the previously registered account will be deleted. So if your children are young, you may want all Kindle registered to your Amazon account.

    Also note - only in the US can Kindle borrow library books.

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