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Why did the United States become involved in the war? What was date that the U. S. entered the war?

I don't have my textbook. Can someone please help me. I need the answer ASAP. It was WWII.

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    Americans started to Fund Hitler in 1924 in the Belief he would take Germany to war with the Communists

    in 1932/33 the Nazis were Broke and could not contest the 1933 elections So JP Morgan with the help of DuPonts Standard oil FDR Rockefeller's Warburg Prescott bush Lindbergh GM set up the Hitler Fund and not only raised the 500,000 German Marks needed But raised 840 Million US dollars

    Once Hitler was elected GM ITT Ford IBM Bendix Birds eye Coco Cola Nestle Remington SkF of Philadelphia Standard Oil of new Jersey General electric all went into Full Production to build Hitler war machine

    and every year Hitler received 50,000 marks for His Birthday from Mr Ford

    Random House publishing. Random House's parent company, Bertelsmann A.G., worked for the Nazis... they published Hitler propaganda, and a book called "Sterilization and Euthanasia

    so in fact some Rich and Influential Americans and Corporate USA and wall St cause WW2 in Europe By putting hitler in power

    when did the USA enter WW2 1924

    want Proof here are a few Links to support my answer

    In fact ITT and GM went to SKF of Sweden and signed a Contract to guarantee supply of Ball bearings up to 1947 and when the Sweds were asked to stop they said a Contract is a Contract

    and they Claimed to be Neutral Just Like the USA

    Standard Oil Tankers were Caught refueling U Boats in the Atlantic in September 1943 the US Coast Guard filmed their action before Opening fire on the U boat

    Du Pont support of Hitler extended into the very heart of the Nazi war machine as well, according to Higham, and several other researchers: "General Motors, under the control of the Du Pont family of Delaware, played a part in collaboration" with the Nazis.

    "Between 1932 and 1939, bosses of General Motors poured $30 million into I.G. Farben plants . . ." Further, Higham informs us that by "the mid-1930s, General Motors was committed to full-scale production of trucks, armored cars, and tanks in Nazi Germany."

    Researchers Morton Mintz and Jerry S. Cohen, in their book, "Power Inc.," describe the Du Pont-GM-Nazi relationship in these terms:

    ". . . In 1929, (Du Pont-controlled) GM acquired the largest automobile company in Germany, Adam Opel, A.G. This predestined the subsidiary to become important to the Nazi war effort. In a heavily documented study presented to the Senate Subcommittee on Antitrust and Monopoly in February 1974, Bradford C. Snell, an assistant subcommittee counsel, wrote:

    "'GM's participation in Germany's preparation for war began in 1935. That year its Opel subsidiary cooperated with the Reich in locating a new heavy truck facility at Brandenburg, which military officials advised would be less vulnerable to enemy air attacks. During the succeeding years, GM supplied the Wehrmact with Opel "Blitz" trucks from the Brandenburg complex. For these and other contributions to (the Nazis) wartime preparations, GM's chief executive for overseas operations (James Mooney) was awarded the Order of the German Eagle (first class) by Adolf Hitler.'"

    Du Pont-GM Nazi collaboration, according to Snell, included the participation of Standard Oil of New Jersey (now Exxon) in one, very important arrangement. GM and Standard Oil of New Jersey formed a joint subsidiary with the giant Nazi chemical cartel, I.G. Farben, named Ethyl G.m.b.H. (now Ethyl, Inc.) which, according to Snell: "provided the mechanized German armies with synthetic tetraethyl fuel (leaded gas). During 1936-39, at the urgent request of Nazi officials who realized that Germany's scarce petroleum reserves would not satisfy war demands, GM and Exxon joined with German chemical interests in the erection of the lead-tetraethyl plants. According to captured German records, these facilities contributed substantially to the German war effort: 'The fact that since the beginning of the war we could produce lead-tetraethyl is entirely due to the circumstances that, shortly before, the Americans (Du Pont, GM and Standard Oil) had presented us with the production plants complete with experimental knowledge. Without lead-tetraethyl the present method of warfare would be unthinkable.'

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    The United States entered WWII on the Pacific front because the Japanese surprise-bombed Pearl Harbor, a military base in Hawaii, on December 7th, 1941.

    The United States declared war on Japan the following day, December 8th 1941.

    The US had already been supplying Great Britain, the Soviet Union, and China with weapons while maintaining formal neutrality prior to the attack on Pearl Harbor. As Germany and the Axis powers spread, the US focused on defeating Germany. The Soviet Union squeezed from the east and the United States and Britain squeezed from the west and crushed Germany.

    Berlin fell to the Soviet Union in May of 1945 and with Hitler dead, Germany surrendered.

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    The United States officially declared war on Japan on December 8,1941 after the attack on Pearl Harbor Hawaii the day before, Germany declared war on the United States on December 9. The first The first American troops landed in north Africa in 1942

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    Because Japan bombed Pearl Harbour in December 7th 1941 the rest is history. Hitler declared war on the US shortly after.

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