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which scratch off wins the most in ga lottery?

Which GA lottery scratch off wins the most

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    If I told you Ticket A wins 1 out of 3 times, and Ticket B wins 1 out of 5 times, what does that tell you for which ticket is better? Answer - absolutely, positively nothing.

    In my example, Ticket A prizes are going to be lower more often, and Ticket B prizes are going to be higher more often. In the long run, both sets of tickets are going to pay back about the same amount.

    "HOW MUCH MONEY WILL I WIN?" That is the only relevant question, and for that I can tell you the answer.

    For every dollar you spend on these scratch tickets, you will only "win" back about 50 cents of your money. So go out right now and buy $500 worth of scratch tickets - it doesn't matter which ones. Scratch yourself silly. When you are done, you will likely have found somewhere around $250 worth of winning tickets. Maybe a little more if you are lucky, and maybe a little less if you're not so lucky.

    At a 50% payback rate, no other standard form of gambling on the planet comes even close to being as bad a bet as playing the lottery. The lottery is truly a TAX on the poor and on the ignorant. You might as well light a match to your money, and it truly makes no difference which tickets you choose.

  • Crack
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    The most expensive priced scratchier would win the most, but you have no possible way to ensure you will win it.

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