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社會學,roland barthes

我要做條essay,2000字,assess the strengths and weaknesses of barthes analysis and critique of 'popular culture'.

可唔可以教下我點寫? thanks!!

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    Roland Barthes - Semiotic Analysis

    - define: Semiology/Semiotics

    - define related concepts: Signs, Signifier, Signified, metalanguage,

    denotation, connotation, myth

    - establishes a scientific way of understanding modern/popular culture

    - applies the method of semiotics in analysis of popular culture

    - objects and events always meant more than themselves,

    implied existence of an underlying IDEOLOGY

    - to discover what is the hidden meaning behind the language,

    to decode the signs

    - influenced by Karl Marx's social thoughts on ideology & propaganda

    - tools used by bourgeoisie to impose their values on others

    e.g. Advertisements on consumer goods, fashion, music, literature,

    magazine, photography, entertainment, food, transportation,



    - going back to the basics: Within Sociology, a theory is a set of

    statement that seeks to explain problems, actions or behaviour.

    An effective theory may have both explanatory and predictive


    - Strengths: you try to figure it out (it is your assignment)

    - Weaknesses includes:

    - concentrates only on explanatory elements of social phenomena

    - no empirical evidences (i.e. regional or timeline statistics) to

    support his claims, therefore no predictive function

    - did not indicate what is to be done? what is to be changed?

    - only interested in "Status Quo"

    - his ideas can only be considered as methods of analysis or

    observation and not a Theory.


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