If technology developed a way to live in an artificial or dream world would you live in it?

In the past century, the amount of technological advances to computers and technology have dramatically made life easier for humans. EG- The availability of the internet provides access to practically anything you would want to learn about. Several movies have depicted artificial worlds, where humans live, the most popular of those being the Matrix, although the humans didn't really have a choice in this particular case... Another movie was Vanilla Sky with Tom Cruise... Where Tom gets into a really bad accident and is disfigured, leading to the loss of the love of his life.. he then decided to get frozen and his brain would live out its existence in an artificial world where he could be with that girl.. until technology was able to restore his looks.. So my question is, if technology made it so that you could live out your life in an artificial world (meaning you would be hooked up to a computer, and asleep).. would you want to ? If you could have anything and everything you ever dreamed of, and live out your life how you always wanted to... in this artificial world, would you want to live in it? In other words would you want to be stuck in a dream world? ALSO I'd like to add some details of how the world would be like: You would not know that you were in an artificial world, everything would seem to feel, look, taste and smell real.. every encounter you had in this world would seem 100 percent genuine, also you would be able to chose the time length of your stay in this world, but you wouldn't be frozen, so although you wouldn't age in the dream world, you would age in the real world... the minimum amount of time you would have to stay was 10 years, but you could spend your entire existence there if you wanted to.. So would you stay in this artificial world? DO you think a lot of people would if this was available to people today?

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    Why develop more effects when we are equipped w/in to experience the REAL THING? It’s called…. wait 4 it…........MEMORY’S! WOWS fancy that huh? Re-member? Also, we have a creative tool to have a more pleasing world & plus we can have it anyway we want it...there is Virtual reality as s'well.

    If Tom wasn't disfigured in real life, Harry would be...it's not good to interfere w/Karma, which in reality is the Universe promise of returning the actions of our thoughts we have on/to others. I hear ya & feel you, but this is my answer & I'm sticking through it & to it...kool story bro...lol just messing w/you...yes, hell... that'll be swell,but quiet Frankly unlike Tom, I live in reality, in often visit my own memory's I created, but I stopped wishing I could correct my past mistakes simple b/c if it wasn't for them, i'd not know to fix the future... and/or not make the same ones lest I wanted the ahem....same results. I hate getting burnt... so I learnt that being a well perfectly created being human by the creator-that w/thoughts to create us...exploded into what we are today...experiencing our dreams.

    Source(s): My personal views of this milieu world we borrow on temporarily is that if others had not any illuminating enlightenments or recognize that they had numinous experiences… they would have doubts that perhaps the supernatural realm is our reailty. However, truth typically is foreigner to fiction, and I see that nonfiction is our realistical mystical truths. I believe as I blend together my own human spiritual & pious understanding, it’s clear to me that the extrasensory material, the substance of these quality’s is inherent, it’s built in us all. Perhaps this subject will someday be the norm of all discussions... with out sides to take that may lesson the quarrels on the divergence. Meღ 5/26/2013
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