Is Flash a good place to start for game and animation development?

I have an interest in learning how to do simple animations, like those seen in YouTube shorts, as well as a deep love of video games. I was considering learning Adobe Flash in order to both learn animation and create simple ActionScript games that I would hopefully develop into proper video game development skills. Would any of you say that this is a good place to start for learning video game programming or is ActionScript not a good language in comparison to the more professional ones?

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    6 years ago
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    Flash and ActionScript are mainly for websites development. It is also possible that you can create small games with Flash and ActionScript. But if you want to develop hardcore graphics games then you have to learn C++ for it and for designing character models and games level design then you have to learn 3D animation software such as Autodesk 3Ds Max or Autodesk Maya and ZBrush for texturing. These are the software that most of the professional game designers used for creating models and animation but they are very expensive, if you can afford it then it is good and if not then you can use Blender 3D which is the best alternative to the software like Autodesk 3DsMax or Maya.

    First of all, Blender is free and also lightweight program. You also find lots of free tutorials on this program even on its official website. This program is capable of creating high quality models, game levels, texturing and animation. Here is the link for downloading it-

    Its an official website of Blender and also have free video tutorials and manual that get you started with Blender 3D program.

    Tutorials link-

    Manual link-

    Other Tutorials links-


    As you are beginner then my suggestion to you is that you should start with JavaScript scripting language. It is very easy to learn and you can combine this language with Unity 3D for developing good quality 3D graphics game. Unity 3D is a game engine which uses three scripting languages - JavaScript, C# and Boo. Unity 3D has two versions - one is free and other is pro. You can download the Unity free version from its official site. Here is the link for downloading it-

    This website also have free video tutorials and manual guide for that can help you to get started with Unity 3D-

    Unity Video tutorials -

    Unity Manual and Reference Guide-

    Other Video Tutorials link on Unity Game engine-

    For using both the above software make sure you must have a good PC equipped with latest generation processor and latest 1 GB graphic card because during rendering process in Blender and Unity it gonna consumes your lots of RAM and graphic card.

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  • Paul
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    6 years ago

    Blender; free alternative to Maya ($3,700) and After Effects ($240/year).

    Blender has a complete VFX pipeline in one single software package. Blender has tools for modeling, sculpting, rigging, animation, rotoscoping, chroma keying (green screen), motion tracking, smoke, fire, and fluid simulation, particles, destruction, physics, color grading, node compositing, and video editing.

    Blender has the most artist friendly and versatile UI of all 3D software; easy to modify for your specific needs. Blender also has the fastest workflow in the industry.

    The easiest and most detailed tutorial on how to use Blender is Neal Hirsig's tutorial at

    Start with the first four lessons of Neal Hirsig's tutorial.

    Blender is 100% free with full functionality, no adware, no spyware, and no viruses, and you're allowed to use Blender in any production without having to pay for anything.

    Blender Artists (community forum)

    Blender Cookie (tutorials)

    Blender Demo Reel 2013

    Youtube thumbnail

    Minecraft: Piston Problems

    Youtube thumbnail

    Touhou 3D: Marisa vs Flandre

    Youtube thumbnail

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  • adel
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    6 years ago

    I would suggest using blender or studio 3d max. for gaming use unity 3d (uses C# and/or javascript for programing) , you can export the animation to unity 3D from studio max or blender. but just for starting out I think flash is good to begin with but not as a career

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  • 4 years ago

    Attractive 3D Animation Software :

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  • I would say it's a good place to start, since it seems like you're a beginner in both of those aspects.

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