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Who do I keep for the rest of the season for fantasy football WR(no bench, all play, standard)?

I currently own Nicks, Gordon, S. Smith, K. Wright, M. Floyd.

Do I keep all of them for the stretch run? Or should I pick up either H. Douglas, C. Givens, M. Crabtree, R.Mattews, S. Holmes or any other suggested receiver. I am considering adding Douglas and dropping Smith or Nicks. Any suggestions?

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  • Ramsey
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    7 years ago
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    Harry Douglas needs to be added and played right away he gets way too many targets and with the falcons playing from behind all the time, hes been racking up huge yardage just off of garbage time. In all honesty, my least favorite here is K.Wright. yea he is the go to guy, but he doesnt ever score a TD and heshas really a disappointment on a fantasy point system. Nicks is also a disappointment, but heshe's a boom or bust in any scenario with the wild arm of manning.

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  • 7 years ago

    I would pick up Crabtree and Douglas. Douglas has been great and the potential that Crabtree brings for the fantasy playoff run. I would drop Floyd and Wright.

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  • 7 years ago

    Gordon for sure, he's a beast. For your second, I'd go with Douglas/Nicks/Floyd in the order. Douglas is putting up good numbers, Nicks is iffy but Manning might start to come on. Floyd had one good game last week, need to see if he keeps it up.

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