better places to eat in hawaii?

Eloping to Hawaii pretty soon! Very excited!! Im looking for fun activities and great places to eat on the big island! We're a very outdoorsy couple so any in put is great thank you!

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    7 years ago
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    Huggos,(this NOT 'Hugo's, that in Vegas) Anthonys at the Sea, Ruths Chriss, and KPC or Kamuela Provision Company, plus bout a hunnert otha great place to try sea food, and local dishes, so yeah, no problem for good dinning on Big Island, and far as outdoorsy, well how bout nice cottage rite onna beach, they available again now just goto ads online, hey not 5 star, but rite onna beach, which mean long walk onna beach at sunset, breeze sway coconut palm, finest kind, yeah? Also, if you can swing it, drive to top of Mauna Loa, check out the observatory, can be cold, even snowy, but so worth it, ok? Lotta jeep type 4x4 road to take, so consider getta map, renta jeep, have concierge at you hotel(if you decide beach hut little too ruff) arrange ride/drive and pack nice picknic lunch, very romantic, yeah? Of course you gotta visit volcano, it open pretty much, hotel kina rough afta remodel, but not bad, so just visit my suggest, ok? For sure head ova to Hilo, take walk inna rainforest, easy to do, just stop bout anywhere, and check it out, yeah? You could spend a year there and not see the same thing, cause you gonna find out for sure, it the BIG Island, yeah? Hope this help, peace and aloha to you!

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