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Yes, we are bigger than our schedules. So how do we make sure our lives are not overpowered by an endless roster of responsibilities? Especially in an age where de-manding jobs, two-worker households or single-parent families make the joyous details of everyday life—cooking supper from scratch or organizing a block party—seem like an impossible dream? There is no set of easy answers, despite what the marketers of new convenience products would have us believe. But that doesn’t mean we can’t make real steps to take back our lives.

Part of the answer is political. So long as Americans work longer hours than any other people on Earth we are going to feel hemmed in by our schedules. Expanded vacation time for everyone, including part-time and minimum wage workers, is one obvious and overdue solution. Shortening the work week, something the labor movement and progressive politicians successfully accomplished in the early decades of the 20th century, is another logical objective. There’s nothing preordained about 40-hours on the job; Italy, France, and other European nations have already cut back working hours. An opportunity for employees outside academia to take a sabbatical every decade or so is another idea whose time has come. And how about more vacation and paid holidays? Let’s start with Martin Luther King’s birthday, Susan B. Anthony’s birthday, and your own! Any effort to give people more clout in their workplaces—from strengthened unions to employee ownership—could help us gain much-needed flexibility in our jobs, and our lives.

On another front, how you think about time can make a big difference in how you feel about your life, as other articles in this cover section illustrate. Note how some of your most memorable moments occurred when something in your schedule fell through.


The canceled lunch that allows you to spend an hour strolling around town. Friday night plans scrapped for a bowl of popcorn in front of the fireplace. Don’t be shy about shucking your schedule whenever you can get away with it.

Update 2:

And with some experimentation, you may find that you can get away with it a lot more than you imagined.

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    ------The summary with examples-----

    According to schedule as planned, we have to carry out a process in doing lists of intended events to be alive:-eg:-our job; two job-workers,single-parent job, cooking, party-throwing, modern utensils; (6 eg.)

    According to schedule as planned, we have to be included in the working schedule:-eg:-American politics encouraged us, paid vacation period, minimum wages, part time job,the 20th labor movement, politics, European's 40 working hours, decade long holiday, birthday, Union-job flexibility, clout=influence power from Union;(11 eg.)

    Unintended or irregular event and time schedule:-

    eg:-The cancelled lunch allows your spending time over town;

    eg:-Friday night scrapped allows your spending time at home.(2 eg.)

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