What are some of the wondrous works of God of which you speak to others - ?

Certainly He has made a name for Himself that continues to this day for who has not heard of the children of Israel brought out of Egypt by Moses and the 10 plagues upon Egypt?

The Babylonians, even before their God given dominion[70y] of the then known world, sent envoys to Hezekiah, king of Judah back in the day because even they, being from a far country, had heard of the wondrous works[the glory of God] of God done in the land; they had heard of the 185,000 Assyrian soldiers whose bodies were simply…gone. Clothes and gear all in place as they were, but no bodies! Word spread quickly by the few who remained and returned with Sennacherib to Ninevah.

David left his testimony[1&2Chronicles] as to God's wondrous works upon his house -

I'm given to speak of the times and seasons declared from the beginning: Creation[Gen1&2:1-3], the 1st 7 days; Gen2:4 thru Gen3, the 1st 7 years; Gen4, Cain @ 70, Abel @ 77, Lemech[10th] 'if Cain 7X Lemech 77x'; Gen5, to Noah[10th]; thru all Genesis, the Law and Prophets, the testimony of Christ[N.T.], the 2 millennia since and into the 20th centuryAD, America's place in history and Christ's own testimony, The Revelation, and how all that goes with with what is going on today, in our times and seasons.

The generation of Christ's time[To 70AD] were not to know the 'times and seasons'[Acts1]

There would be a generation that IS given to know the times and seasons for God is not willing that any perish, Watch! and do not be deceived by those who say "no one knows the time of the end" or 'day and hour of the end'; the 'day and hour' that is not known is not that of the end but the return of Christ, which Christ tells us beforehand, comes "immediately after the tribulation of those days". Daniel writes about the 'tribulation of those days'; the tribulation is 7 years and happens at the fall of Babylon.

And what does God inspire you to speak of to others, of His wondrous works?

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  • Anonymous
    7 years ago
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    I think his creation is amazing and like to talk about it with others. Look at outer space and all of the galaxies. It is awe-inspiring.

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  • Arnie
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    7 years ago

    The mystery's of faith an GOD are beyond human comprehension.

    Faith concerns questions which cannot be settled by evidence.

    How can the universe create itself out of nothingness? Given the fact that the universe began to exist, it must have had a “cause” that originated it.Doesn't it make more sense to assume the existence of a Creation.

    The question is tricky because it sneaks in the false assumption that GOD came from somewhere and then asks where that might be. The answer is that the question does not even make sense. It is like asking, “What does blue smell like?” Blue is not in the category of things that have a smell, so the question itself is flawed. In the same way, GOD is not in the category of things that are created or caused. GOD is uncaused and uncreated—He simply exists.

    We know that from nothing, nothing comes. So, if there were ever a time when there was absolutely nothing in existence, then nothing would have ever come into existence. But things do exist. Therefore, since there could never have been absolutely nothing, something had to have always been in existence. That ever-existing being is what we call GOD ,GOD is the un-caused Being that caused everything else to come into existence. God is the uncreated Creator who created the universe and everything in it.

    Life without GOD is like an un- sharpened pencil it has no point..

    You can't see the wind, but you know it is there because you can see what the wind is doing. You can know that the wind is there because you can feel it.GOD is like the wind, you can't see him.


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