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North Korea and Russias relations?

I know North Korea and Russia both are communists but what else are similar about them?

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    Russia is no longer technically a "communist" country. The Russian economy is now (in theory) based on free-market which is the complete opposite of a communist economy. Russia has more billionaires per capita than any other country in the world, primarily because so many entrepreneurs made a killing after the fall of the USSR.

    North Korea's economy is in the toilet. They produce practically nothing except for weapons, narcotics and counterfeit currency. Their weapons sales have been crippled by the arms embargo and trade sanctions. Their narcotics have to pass through China so the Chinese take a huge percentage of the profits and they've printed so much counterfeit USD that it's actually losing value. Not to mention that their agriculture and fisheries are about 100 years behind the times.

    Russia's relationship with North Korea is basically cordial, not friendly but not unfriendly. Basically, North Korea has nothing to offer anyone so they tend to be ignored which is why they so very often make ridiculous statements and try to stir up trouble.

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