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Y&R, Victor's sister, was she ever mentioned or shown?

I asked an earlier question about Victor's brother and sister and I got the answer that his brother was around for awhile but left but no one had heard of a sister. I looked on wikepedia and it says that Albert Miller had three children Rienette, Matthew and Christain (Victor's real name). So what happened to her? I'm just curious about it and was thinking that it would be neat if they could be worked into a story line.

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  • 6 years ago
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    Now that would be a great story line for the writers to go with excellent observation I wish they would think of it. I had no clue he had a sister till this morning when I looked it up and saw that it was true

    I found this on Wikia Y&R She died

    Albert Miller was the father of Rienette, Matthew and Christian Miller, later renamed Victor Newman.

    They said she was never portrayed on screen! results for rinette miller from The Young and the Restless Wiki

    Rienette Miller

    Rienette Miller was never portrayed on screen. Biography Rienette Miller was the daughter of Albert and Cora Miller. She had two brothers, Christian…

    Albert abandoned his wife and children but returned sometime later only to fake his own death. Albert became a wealthy man but ended up in a nursing home in Toronto. His son Victor Newman along with his son Nicholas confronted Albert for abandoning his family but Albert showed no remorse. Albert died but appeared to Victor in the episode "Victor Newman's Christmas Carol" and warned Victor not to alienate his family.



    Cora Miller (dissolved)


    Rienette Miller (daughter with Cora, deceased)

    Victor Newman (son with Cora)

    Matt Miller (son with Cora)


    Victoria Newman (granddaughter via Victor)

    Nicholas Newman (grandson via Victor)

    Adam Newman (grandson via Victor)

    Abby Newman (granddaughter via Victor)

    Faith Colleen Newman (granddaugter via Victor, deceased)

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  • Kathy
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    6 years ago

    They mentioned that he had a sister, just a brother, Matt. When Victor's dad left his family all those years ago, Victor's mom could only afford to keep one child, so she put Victor in the orphanage, and kept Matt. Years later, Nikki found Victor's mom and brother, but again there was no mention of a sister.

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  • No, he doesn't have a sister and that name was never mention. That is his mother daughter. she could be a half sister/step sister.

    Christian is Victor name.

    Matthew is "Matt"

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  • 6 years ago

    There was no mention of a sister but I wish she would appear soon.

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