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Marine Corps EOD or Navy EOD?

I want to do EOD but i heard that the Marine Corps EOD does not do that much stuff since the Navy's EOD is the best. So i need help with my dilemma. What is to pick on of these branches to join. This is how i see it; join the best Military branch in the world (Marine Corps) and get EOD for almost a 100% guarantee and not do that much besides train, or join the Navy and be a part of the best EOD team but risk not getting EOD at all.


Please no smart mouth remarks and past experiences with EOD is the main thing i am looking for.

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    Before you get your heart set, have you taken the ASVAB to ensure you qualify for EOD? Have you gone through the medical screening at MEPS? Do you meet all the other enlistment qualifications to join the military? Only 23% of those that try to enlist meet all the requirements.

    You need to be at least a Corporal and have 2 years in the Marines to try for Marine EOD.

    The only difference between Navy EOD and the other branches EOD is that the Navy, being dive qualified, does underwater demo. Everything else as far as general training to earn the EOD Crab is identical. I am an instructor at a school that EOD graduates attend from all the branches and I have seen first hand that every branch has its fair share of morons. Navy can go to airborne, halo, and SERE and so can the Army. The thing that made Navy EOD "great" in the past is that they worked with SEAL and SF. They are in the process of loosing the SF mission to Army EOD units. Army EOD has the only WMD unit in the military. The Army also has a EOD unit that works with Delta and a unit that works with the 75th Rangers. Currently, the Army pays their EOD Techs more than the Navy even if you include dive and jump pay for the Navy.

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    1. all EOD attend the exact same EOD school at Eglin AFB - so just how is one services EOD better than another ?

    2. EOD is NOT a entry level job in the marine corps - you have to do a lateral transfer after your a corporal

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    Marine Corps EOD isn't an option for you until you have served several years.

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    "join the best Military branch in the world (Marine Corps)"

    Have you been playing Call of Duty 4?

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    "Please no smart mouth remarks..."

    Sorry, but the best person for dealing with a dumbsh*t is a smartass.

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