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please help me with two essays. I just need to copy it.

Thanks for your help!

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    NOCO Soccer Academy is a successful youth soccer training program is the market that Dyer has been targeting. Dyer wants to grow his business enough to reach his strategic goal of building a sports complex for his business to occupy. Dyer needs to double his business in order to support this goal. In using S.W.O.T. analysis to evaluate NOCO’s current situation it is clear that NOCO has a number of things working for it already; customer retention is very high, awareness of NOCO in its’ current market is close to 100 percent and Dyer has access to enough trainer resources to continue his company’s growth. Some of the obstacles NOCO faces in working toward expansion are loss of customer base to high school sports programs after they reach 14 years old, a narrow selection of programs for current customers, lack of diversification and limited awareness of the company’s programs and philosophy in adjacent towns. Dyer could employ many operational strategies help reach his ultimate goal of a new sports complex. There are several opportunities available for NOCO to take advantage of with minimal threat or competition to worry about.

    Dyer has noticed that as the kids in his programs begin high school and start to participate in school sports, they tend to lose interest in the soccer programs he offers. Dyer might try product development by offering camps and training programs for the older students outside of their school and school sport schedules. Summer camps geared toward a general sport theme as opposed to just soccer might appeal to the older kids that are involved in various sports and want to stay fit and sharp over the summer months in preparation for the school years competitions. Dyer should gather market research from his current customers about interest in such programs and spread the word at school sporting events to entice new customers to sign up. A mentor program where older kids help train the younger players could benefit older students headed toward college and looking for ways to build their college resumes. This type of new program offering and adding one-on-one training for his current customers would increase NOCO’s market penetration in the 10-13 year old group too. Using customer satisfaction surveys would be a great market research tool for Dyer to use to identify the types of new programs his customers are looking for. Diversification in NOCO’s target markets is another avenue for Dyer to explore to expand his business. Consumers in Colorado are very interested in soccer. Is there enough interest to warrant developing adult soccer teams? Is there a market for toddler soccer training? What about a childcare program for younger kids so parents can watch older kids compete in the tournaments? Dyer needs to hit the pavement in his community and in the neighboring communities to get first hand feedback from the demographics he is targeting. In order to increase awareness of his business in the towns adjacent to Fort Collins, Dyer could host recruiting events in Loveland, Longmont and Greeley. With the information he gathers at those events he could consider the viability of bussing new customers to Fort Collins or offering camps outside his home base. This type of market development could be instrumental in growing NOCO into the recognizable brand that Dyer wants it to be.

    Dyer should evaluate all opportunities available to him and weigh them against their opportunity cost before heading in any single direction with his company. Any of the operational strategies listed could bring NOCO closer to the goal of doubling its customer base especially because there doesn’t seem to be any competition standing in the way of Dyer holding the entire market for youth soccer programs in his area.

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      I need to have this essay for my marketing term project. Can you help, please?

      Thank you.

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