Best place in USA to live?

I'm looking to work in Panavision for about a month, which of these is safest, friendliest people, lots to do and if possible cheapest? I know it's a long list. And they're probably big places that have different areas in them, but please just give a rough idea.

Atlanta, Georgia

Dallas, Irving, Texas

Chatsworth, California

Dartmouth, Nova scotia

Hollywood, California

Albuquerque, New Mexico

New Orleans, Louisiana

Woodland Hills, California

Mexico City, Denver

Burnaby, British columbia

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  • Isabel
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    7 years ago
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    Okay, first, Nova Scotia and British Columbia are not part of the US. And Mexico City is in Mexico - Denver is a city in Colorado so you've got those mixed up.

    Now, anywhere in California is going to be more expensive than other cities - Hollywood and Woodland Hills would be expensive. Woodland Hills is far more upscale and suburban than Hollywood. And Hollywood is well, hard to describe - it's city, urban, crowded, busy and a huge alternative community - it's got lots to do. It's more on the wild side. Chatsworth is much farther away from downtown Los Angeles - there would be a long commute into Los Angeles if that's where you'd need to go. Both Woodland Hills and Chatsworth are in the San Fernando Valley a heavily populated suburban area of Los Angeles. Woodland Hills is closer to the foothills and closer in to more urban areas - Chatsworth was open country with a lot of ranches but it's real suburban now. The one thing I can say Southern California has is a lot of traffic and a lot of driving - everything is spread out far. And housing and transportation costs are high. Gas presently is $3.49 to $3.69 a gallon here in Southern California. Gas prices in Dallas today average $2.99 to 3.49. Average rent for a 2 bedroom apartment is $1800 for Los Angeles areas and they vary significantly, in Dallas it's $950 for a 2-bedroom

    As for the other cities. Atlanta is a bustling metropolis but down country. Dallas I might describe similar but the feel isn't deep South. Albuquerque is a small big city - got a lot of Southwest flavor and more relaxed because it's not a huge metropolitan area.

    I've been to all the cities in the US on your list and I'll tell you how I'd choose -

    Dallas is a bit on the Western feel - I like the city, big city feel, and big country feel

    Atlanta is pretty interesting - a nice mix of urban culture and down South feel

    Albuquerque is pretty lay back, and not much urban feel at all - it feels pretty relaxed and easy going there.

    Of the three, Albuquerque is a better deal financially, the cost of living I believe would be the most affordable but we're not talking huge difference. Albuquerque is a wonderful city, it's arid desert too, but you are more isolated being 300 miles in either direction from any other medium large city (Flagstaff Arizona and Amarillo Texas on each side. And over 450 miles to a major metropolitan city (Denver Colorado and Oklahoma City Oklahoma). New Mexico is wide open, just 2 million people in the whole state (Dallas has 1.2 million for comparison). Santa Fe would be the closest city and it's even more casual than Albuquerque.

    If you want a mix of experience, Dallas or Atlanta might be your best bet - they are both major metropolitan areas with a lot of activity, there's access to a lot of entertainment venues and experiences.

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    I am partial to So Cal! I have lived here most my life and couldn't imagine living elsewhere. I did live in the South for a few years and while it was nice having seasons, I became bored easily and people are not as accepting of others that are different than they are in So Cal. I love that we can go skiing and sailing in the same day, can have breakfast on the Huntington Beach Pier and dinner in Little Tokyo, etc. it is very crowded and expensive here but with a great place like this it's no wonder so many live ere and why it's so expensive.

    Source(s): Live in Orange Cty, Ca.
  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    Rancho Cucomonga, California. It's the nicest part of the Inland Empire located in Southern California. It's right between LA and San Diego. It's nice and not AS expensive as LA and SD.

    Source(s): I was born and raised in California.
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