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這是有關於流速計校正的校正值調教,幫忙翻譯一下 20點感謝

NOTE: It is important to note that errors in measurements due to Calibration Number variation will be in direct percentage proportion to the difference between the ideal (correct) Calibration Number for any rotor assembly and the number that the indicator displays.

Example: If the ideal number is 186 for a particular rotor assembly and the Indicator-displayed number is 184 then the velocity error due to calibration error will be about 1%.

Determine the average number of pulses generated through the course. If your course length is not 10 feet,compute the number of pulses that the sensor would generate if the course were exactly 10 feet.

This will be the CALIBRATION NUMBER that the Model 2100 Indicator should hold for accurate measurements with that rotor assembly in feet per second:.....

Next, rotate the selector switch to the CALIBRATE position. Put the FEET/METERS switch (in battery compartment) in the FEET position and the indicator will display the Calibration Number it presently holds for measuring in Feet Per Second.

With a good battery it should be 180-186 [2” (50 mm) props only]. If your derived Calibration Number is different from the number displayed you must change the calibration number by using the CAL ADJUST screw(s) at the bottom end of the indicator.

To access the CAL ADJUST screws first remove the cover screws (black plastic fillister-head screws).

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    注意: 它是重要的是要注意由於校準數的變化測量中誤差將直接百分比比例到理想 (正確) 校準數目為轉子的任何程式集和指示器顯示的數目之間的差異。

    示例: 如果理想數目是為特定轉子裝配 186 和指示器顯示數量是 184 然後校準錯誤速度誤差將約 1%。

    確定通過該課程產生脈衝的平均次數。如果您的課程長度不到 10 英尺,感應器將生成如果課程是確切地 10 英尺的脈衝數計算。

    這將是數模型 2100年指示器應舉行為準確測量每秒英尺的轉子大會與校準:......

    下一步,旋轉選擇器切換到校準位置。放在腳位和指標 (在電池倉) 切換的英尺米將顯示它目前舉行的第二腳每次測量的校準數位。

    一個良好的電池與它應該是 180-186 [2 英寸 (50 毫米) 道具只]。如果您派生的校準號碼不同,顯示的號碼您必須更改校準數通過指示器的底部結束時使用 CAL 調整螺釘。

    要訪問 CAL 調整螺釘先刪除覆蓋螺絲 (黑色塑膠頭螺釘螺絲)。

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