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What does President Obama most resemble? A Marxist salesman stooge or a clever criminal mind?

I even took pause after viewing this.


Don`t be scared- You can answer. Why not?

Update 2:

It just dawned upon me that you may have thought the one and only correct answer would have involved underpants...and because of this, I am very sorry.

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    You probably should have said "Most emulate"

    Obama is a socialist, anti-American, malignant narcissist. Obama is not stupid, He is a very clever liar. If Obama (or any liberal) ever told the truth about their agenda or policies, they would never win a single election. He has a criminal mentality. He has been working the Cloward Piven strategy since his days as a community organizer; then he was teaching people how to apply for mortgages they couldn't afford.

    The strategy of forcing political change through orchestrated crisis. The "Cloward-Piven Strategy" seeks to hasten the fall of capitalism by overloading the government bureaucracy with a flood of impossible demands, thus pushing society into crisis and economic collapse.

    When you add Saul Alinsky's political tactics and you have a blue-print for every public action Obama has taken.

    In one of his rare truthful moments, Obama promised to millions of people he would "fundamentally change America" That made my blood run cold. He is doing exactly what he intended to do.

    Obama is, to some extent, getting away with it. Nobody read the law. He can say whatever he wants because very few people know the difference. They will believe any lies Obama tells them. If he says they can keep their health care plan, then forces insurance companies to change it. It's no longer the same plan. The insurance companies are blamed for changing the plan and nobody knows the difference. Nobody will know he is to blame because, again, no one read the ACA. That includes the media sycophants who will denigrate his detractors for racism or stupidity, or any other talking point Obama tells them to use.

    My guess is, he has been lying so long and getting away with it for 2 elections, he doesn't think anyone who has voted for him will notice. The next president will be starting with a 16 trillion dollar debt, a 13% U6 unemployment and a Stock market bubble from uncontrolled democrat crony capitalism. As well as a terminally ill health care system. If it gets better, Conservatives will give credit. If it gets worse. Conservatives will give the blame. That seems fair to me. BTW Bush's U6 was 9.8% at the end of his term of office, the debt was 8 trillion less and we had the best health care system in the world. Bush had 14.9% uninsured while Obama's number is currently 16.8% and rising. That is the honest way to place "blame"

    The truth is, 0-care insurance will be so pricey with co-pays and deductibles, more people than ever before will be without insurance. Meanwhile, the liberal lemmings and media are still prattling on about preexisting conditions. ~~~ Go figure~~~

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    A Marxist sales man, with Lenin wares.

    “The press should be not only a collective propagandist and a collective agitator, but also a collective organizer of the masses”- Lenin

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    Micro-managing incompetent Stooge. He wanted to be involved and make the decisions because he believed there was nothing he couldn't do. This is why we need to vote for executive Governors and not Senators or community organizers.

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    The President of the US.

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    Neither. More like a Justin Beiber who wants to be adored and well paid, and IS by those who do not know any better.

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    I believe in the old days, they called them "snake oil salesmen".

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