Should I go to college or not?

I'm a high school junior. I don't want to sound snooty, but I'm in mostly AP classes, with a couple of honors classes, and I have As and Bs. I have high SAT scores. My family puts a great deal of emphasis on education, and have been going to college since colleges were created--even the women in my family went to college as soon as female colleges were available. But the thing is, I just don't know why I should spend 100k or more on a few more classes. I don't want to be a lawyer, doctor, engineer, teacher, politician, nurse, saleswoman, banker, I don't want to be stuck in a cubicle, or a stuffy office, for 8 hours a day, 7 days a week, with a job I hate in a town I get sick of. I don't like being in one place too long. What I really want to be is a writer. I love writing, and I love travel, so I've been thinking about becoming a travel writer. I know that going to college is what everybody expects of me, but I don't know if it's what I want, or need. I'm just so sick of this town, and of school, and I feel so trapped by the expectations of society. Please help me decide what to do. Should I go to college? Is it possible to get established as a travel writer without any kind of degree? Am I just dumb?

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    Should you go to college? I believe that is entirely up to you. I work for a community college, and more than half of my first-time students completely withdraw sometime in their first year because they are being forced to go to college and do not wish to do so. I would probably get in trouble if one of my deans walked into my classroom while I tell students to go drop out, but I am honest with them. Most students that go to college because college is expected and because Daddy is footing the bill (even though it is only community college), still do very poorly because they are not doing anything that is going to help them for themselves. So if you want to be a travel writer instead of going to college right out of high school, do it.

    Is it possible to get established as a travel writer without any kind of degree? Yes, that's what bloggers do. Not a tumblr, but maybe a blogspot or wordpress. You can get your own fancy URL through any of those services, or perhaps you can just start your own website from scratch. I would suggest a companion twitter, as this would be a great way to do some grassroots advertising. You could do your travel writing for yourself, send it in to local newspapers or travel magazines, and just do what you want. Yes, this is going to be very expensive at first, but it isn't impossible. There are sites out there where you can have other people fund you if they like your writing-- indiegogo, I believe is such a site. I'm thinking of The Pitch, a free publication that runs in my hometown of Kansas City, that is run entirely on advertising. This may be a good source of inspiration, or maybe contacting a similar news source may be a good start. You might make good friends and career connections. Also, if you start now, before you finish high school, you could have a nice year or two of work ready for you ahead of time. Side note: Rachel Ray has no real license or cooking certification--a.k.a. not a real chef--and look at the success she has, just because she did what she liked, and she was good at it.

    Am I just dumb? No. Statistically, less than 10% of high school seniors want to begin college the following year out of their own free will. So go, be a travel writer. Be good at it. If it turns out in ten years that you haven't found tremendous success, then I guarantee that you can always go back to college later.

    Source(s): Personal experience as a community college First-Time Student Organizer, Student Teacher, and Student Life and Leadership staff member.
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    Your not dumb. I actually feel the same way, my family expects me to be a doctor, lawyer, accountant but honestly I don't really care about that kinda stuff. I always thought that you were supposed to be whatever you want but as you grow up it feels like its less what you want but what society wants out of you. So far I have no career that interests me which really scares me because the people around me are strict that I go to college and make something out of myself even I what they want isn't what I want. Honestly I think that the only honorable choice here is to find a career that doesn't need for you to take 5 or 10 years to get a degree and to find something simple that could make some money even with a bachelors degree.

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    If you really want to become an author you could go to college in a big city or go to college in another country and major in whatever you like (literature, humanities). I strongly recommend you go to college as I don't think your family would be amused if you don't got to university. You could have a good time at college. You can always be a travelling student. You could also take a gap year and take some time to clear your mind. Good luck!

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    what travel writers do you know. What papers, magazine, web sites have your read with travel articles. Who wrote them. try to find their bio's. Do they have a degree? how old are they. where have the worked. where have they been published?

    What else do they do? Photographer?

    Do you really think you can write well enough to get hired or to get your work published?

    You are going to travel. what do you know about other countries. do you speak any languages. What do you know about geography. what about other cultures, customs, history

    I would think there would be many things you can learn in college to help you advance.

    go on several universities' web site. see what different kinds of majors and minors they offer.

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    your degree does not dictate your career!! if you are set on becoming an author, take multiple courses that may better your writing, which may not even directly pertain to it. i agree that college is a ridiculous investment, but why not, honestly? with your grades and scores, there are most likely scholarships you can look into. and, like i said, what you decide to focus on in college is not set in stone. you can still travel and write for years and years to come!! college will just be more experience under your belt.

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    Sometimes college is not a necessary

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