Just had a baby and my girlfriend still won't come home or let me go home.?

For the past several months my girlfriend got pregnant about 4 months before she was do she talked me into staying at her parents which was just suppose to be for a little while, for about 6 months I heard tales of how she couldn't wait to have the baby so she could come home and we could live together, I really love my job but staying there is almost 3 hours away from where I work and nearly a 5-6 hour drive a day on top of my 10 hour shifts, I love getting home to my baby but I honestly don't make enough money to be spending half of my paycheck on gas. She promised me once the baby was born we could go back to staying at my house, which I am still paying all the bills on but never get to stay, all of my things are there and lots of baby stuff that the baby has already grew out of I spent alot of time on the baby room and got tons of closes and cribs and everything, well 6 months passed and we were still staying at her parents me still wasting my money hoping it would get better, now the baby is born and it has been two months, when I ask her when we are moving back home she avoids the question or tells me after the baby gets her shots, well theres a total of 9 people living at the house now including us and it is really starting to make me feel like she is never going to come home, I usually get home at about 1 am and stay up taking care of the baby till 3 am then have to getup at 5-6am take care of the baby and head to work at 8, I barely get anything to eat because no sleep and I am destroying my car which can barley make it to work, I am running out of options I don't want to lose her or the baby but when ever I even mention staying at my house to be closer to work (because its only a 20 minute drive at my house) she gets mad at me and at the end of my shift I am conned back into driving back to her parents for another 3 hours. I don't know what to do my side of the family hasn't even got to spend time with my daughter she won't let our daughter ride in my car. I have begged her to come back home but each day she keeps getting more stuff for the baby until I am worried she won't want to go home because all the other stuff is at her parents, I have a really great home with lots of land 3 bed rooms but she wants to stay in a tiny apartment and act like her mother is the father of the baby, she tells me she loves me and everything but I don't know how I can get her to just come home with the baby, I can't figure out how to talk her into letting my family see the baby, latley she acts like I need to quit my job but I honestly have one of the best jobs ever I love my job and have been working almost 5 years to get this job and her family doesn't work and she doesn't work so I feel like they don't understand what I am going through, my family feels like there never going to get to see the baby and I am afraid they won't either what do I do?

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    Source(s): Sounds like she's too comfortable. If you don't take a stand and move back home... you'll still be there years from now. But if you make it uncomfortable for her by not being there at night she'll eventually follow you back home. But I suggest you go home everry night and wait a few weeks. She'll come around!
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    She may be feeling that she cannot look after the baby without her mothers guidance. Be considerate of this, but explain to her that it is not working out. Explain that you are moving back to the house which you have been paying bills for, and that you will not be living in a small apartment with eight other people. That is a health and safety hazard - depending on the size of the apartment, it could be illegal. Explain that she needs to move - it is unfair to you that she is doing this. You get something like 2-3 hours sleep a night, drive hours to get to work, spend hundreds on gas, and then pay for a house that hasn't been lived in!! Explain that you are missing out as a father - that you want to be a proper family where you all live together and you get to raise your daughter. If she can't understand you then I guess things are not going to work out - its crazily unfair of her to expect all of this of you. Maybe she could ask her mother to come over and stay in your house?

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    TALK TO HER PARENTS - let them know by allowing her to stay at THIER home, they are destroying another family (you, your girl, and the baby). Let them know how much you truly appreciate their open generosity over the past few months. Ask them how to encourage the new momma to move out and join her new family. Let them know you have a safe place for her and the baby, and they are welcome to visit. Let them know too that you do have a good job that can support the family. Until her parents cut the apron string - she will not leave. She needs to know that HER FAMILY is you - her - and baby. And it is time she works at building HER family without her extended birth family holding her hands. Let her too know they had their years of building a home as mother and father, and now it is time too for her to move on.


    AND FYI - Take your child and head off to your family, she will follow. The baby does not need confined to a house till baby gets their shots.

  • 7 years ago

    Dump her retarded ***. Keep your awesome job and stay at your awesome house and take her *** to court so you have parenting time with your child whom is missing out on half her family because of your retarded girlfriend and her family.

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