Can someone explain in Pokemon what EV is?

It doesn't make sense and I think it's kind of stupid. I guess what it is (correct me...), you have to kill something over and over again and it's an invisible count. So once you get like 252 in one stat through killing a specific type of Pokemon... then your Pokemon will become stronger in that area. (I assume after you use up all these EV's, then I can just proceed to just grind on anything and level it up... right?).

My question is... can I catch a Pokemon at let's say level 27 and EV train it. Or do I have to find a male and a female Pokemon and make an egg... then train the Pokemon from level 1 fresh out the egg...?

it's just confusing me...

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  • James
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    6 years ago
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    EVs are values that add extra stats to Pokémon, once a Pokémon gets 255 EVs in a stat it can't get any more, but 252 is the maximum amount you'll get use of, the last 3 after 252 won't do anything.

    Whether you caught a Pokémon at level 1 or level 99, getting the EVs up will improve its stats the exact same. I'll also note that if you EV train a level 100 on X and Y, if you put it in the PC Box and take it back out, its stats will take EVs into account and its stats will change.

    I find the easiest way to understand them is think of the EVs as seperate from your normal stats, they're not joined to your base stats permanently. At level 100, having 252 EVs will increase a stat by 63, so if you have 252 EVs in that stat, at level 100 it basically adds that 63 to the Pokémon's normal stat.

    Now that breeding thing you were talking about, that's actually IV training, which are Individual Values, they're even more confusing than EVs in that you have to breed various Pokémon who have 31 IVs in stats to get the offspring to inherit those 31 IVs. Such as having 1 parent with 31 IVs in HP, Def and SP. Def and the other having 31 IVs in Atk, Sp. Atk and Spe and then breeding them until you get an offspring with all 6 of those 31 IVs. This is actually incredibly tedious and annoying, it took me 8 hours of catching Fraxures and breeding them just to get an Axew with 4 IVs at 31.

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  • Yumi
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    6 years ago

    EV stands for Effort Value, Which as you explained you get the basics of it. Depending on the stat you want to raise will show what pokemon you should battle. Certain pokemon that you fight will lvl up certain stats. You can EV train a pokemon that you caught at a later lvl (but it's stats will already be changed due to the higher level so you wont be able to change it much more after that) but its recommended to EV train a lvl 1 pokemon so it will become stronger and more trained in the areas you want.

    Like a previous person said tho x and y, while they didnt get rid of EV training. It's still an option to do it the more confusing way, but now they have a special training session on the game itself to train pokemon exactly how you want while being able to see the progress of the training.

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  • 6 years ago

    In pokemon x and y there is the super training that i think replaces ev training. In x and y you can do it at any time. I recomend around level 50. But in the older games you have to start at level 1 or at least that is what i remember.

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