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Is it really that bad that i like to use the same type of deodorant my brothers use!?

I'm 14. i'm the only girl of 6 boys and i'm the youngest. Well i hate my deodorant. It's been really irritating my skin lately. I've tried every "girl" deodorant and i HATE them all. Well last night i took a shower and my 19 year old brother Peter told me i could use his deodorant. Well i LOVE his! It works so good. And it smells amazing. And it lasts! Well i was talking to my mama on the phone and told her i need to get the same type as him and she FREAKED OUT! She's all like i'm not buying my daughter guys deodorant. My brother offered to buy me some if she wont. But still she's freaking out i've been using his stuff. My brothers all play hockey and lacrosse and i'm a figure skater. They know what the good stuff to use is. I'll use my 16 year old brother Braden's cologne on an occasion. It smells better than girls stuff. And my bf told me he thinks its hot that i use there stuff but he hates the scent cuz my brothers are kinda "preppy" my bf is very "punk". But i also used his shampoo (i obviously have to use my conditioner) and my hair feels so soft and smells SO FREAKING GOOD!!! I don't get why my mama is freaking out so much that i'm using there stuff. My daddy's fine with it. He thinks its funny so does my brothers. AND NO IM NOT BECOMING A GUY OR GUYISH! I'M VERY PREPPY! I have to wear a bow every day in my hair and i ONLY WEAR SKIRTS, SHORTS, AND DRESSES! Sometimes i'll wear some jeans. My brothers think i'm adorable. AND I CAN'T LEAVE HOUSE WITHOUT MAKEUP!


My mama is mad not because of feminine or masculine marketing stuff. She could care less about that. Or scent she's not mad about that either. She's just really picky about what i use.

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    Whoa, calm down.

    Wearing deodorant that works makes sense to me. Make sure you're not confusing "I like the scent" with "it works great," though. FYI, any deodorant by the same brand will work equally well. Likely, there is a shower fresh or a powder scent which is pretty gender-neutral. Smelling good is a good thing, smelling like a guy is not.

    I was in Iraq for a few years, and I learned to wear women's anti-perspirant over there for the same reason: it works better. It's less socially acceptable for women to sweat, so there's more of the anti-sweating stuff in women's products. I think with deodorant, it's the other way around. Women wear all kinds of scented products (perfume, body spray, shampoo, lotion, etc.), so I imagine that female deodorant is toned down so that it's not overpowering and doesn't clash with the other scents. Men generally stink more, so men's deodorant has more fragrance.

    Your mom is getting caught up in marketing hype. Scents don't have genders. Men aren't born smelling like mountain peaks, and women aren't naturally scented like flowering meadows. When shopping for anything, close your eyes and smell. If you like what you smell, get it.

    I'm glad you like your brother's deodorant, but odds are good that it isn't the only scented product you wear. You should consider getting an unscented anti-perspirant so that your perfume or body spray isn't tainted by your deodorant. The deodorant may not smell overly masculine, but I'll bet that it isn't a pleasant mix with whatever scent you normally wear. Just something to think about.

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    I use my brother's deodorant or shampoo on occasion, when I'm having a sweaty day. It smells nice, and makes your hair look nice. The girl stuff is crap. It never protects against sweating and all that crap. I totally understand where you coming from on this whole thing, I am a total girly girl, but, when my brother leaves his axe out, I use the heck out of it. The labels clearly state that women are attracted to the scent, they had fair warning. There is nothing wrong with using guy stuff and doing guyish things, tell your mama that.

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    I learned this from a book and it worked like a charm : Soak your feet in a basin of hot water + 200 ml vinegar + grapefruit seed extract about 15 minutes. The water should be hot enough but not so hot that you can still soak your feet. Soak your feet daily until the smell goes away. It could take a few days, but I could feel much different after only 1 time. Don't use this soak if you have areas of broken skin on your feet, however. You might need to change your shoes and sandals too if after wearing it it give you bad odor.

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    I usually have to use clinical strength deodorant just because typical deodorant doesn't do me much good. If I run out of clinical strength deodorant I just use my brothers and it works fine! Normal!

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    Who cares, just use it i agree it smells good !

    especially if its the only one that doesn't irritate your skin and most mens deodorants are stronger then womans so its probably better if you use mens

    and you don't have to defend yourself, it wouldn't matter if you were boyish or not that's nobody's business and is irrelevant to the Question

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    I know plenty of women who wear mens deodorant. I wouldn't say a lot, but many do. I would say its really nothing to worry about.

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    if you really like it , then i guess you should use it!

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