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I believe this anime is overrated read my Blog www.animecrit.blogspot.com

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  • 6 years ago
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    Oh boy, Oh boy.. where to start...

    "he feels he should just randomly do so (I am serious he has no reason)"

    - In the end this is explained, he had a dream since he was a kid to make that world. Not in specific that world, but more so something that seemed 'ideal' to him. And although it's not explained directly, you can imagine he would want to share his idea of a perfect world with others, right?

    ” I don’t kill NPCs”

    - I can't remember when he ever said this. Unless you mean Players? He is against PvP (player versus player) activities, but does make an exception to help take out a group of PvPers.

    "they apparently couldn’t get hurt in the game but later on they were feeling pain, and if they couldn’t get hurt that means they couldn’t taste so like WTF?"

    -The equipment they are using (Neuro Gear) connects to you through microwaves, for the purposes of the show, that meant that they could intercept all actions of the brain. Also it means that they could send information to the brain, for example the taste of food. With that said, they had removed any 'pain' waves from being sent, but with the commands they added it back in. (if you meant the last fight of the second season)

    --- Your tongue tastes a sort of food and then signals to your brain the taste. Think of it as them simply skipping out on the tongue.

    .Hack sign rip-off (with underage sex and incest)

    - Yes, and no. (I watched some of .hack sign, .hack root, and one of the movies)

    This one explains from the start the situation in a logical manner that *could* happen in real life. (Yes, I know that's a far stretch. Microwaves for games?.. I don't think so, but similar methods could probably be used). In here, ALL players are subject to this.

    Underage sex... didn't happen once. The scenes where they focus a little more on the bust and such, that's called "Fanservice" Incest? None.

    --- Incest: Kirito and his "sister" are not directly related, can still be considered incest if they did have sex. But they did not, she liked him, but he didn't like her.

    Contrary to popular belief I believe the anime was good the first two episodes and picked up again after episode 14

    -I agree to a point here, I liked episodes 1 - 6 very much, the best parts where in there in my opinion. And it does indeed pick up around episode 14, before falling into a kind of 'normal' quality.

    As for your remarks about it being childish and such..

    SPOILER ALERT (Do not read if you did not watch the series yet):

    In the first few episodes, characters are introduced and Kirito plays along with them. He deceives them, but befriends them, and helps them. My thoughts at this point was: Oh, he's going to be with these guys, so this is going to be the main crew.

    Couldn't be more wrong. While the guild leader is away, they go to a dungeon to get some extra money for their new guild hall (the leader is buying the hall). They triggered a trap, too many monsters flooded into the room. The guild members all died, one by one, being brutally stabbed repeatedly while laying on the floor. Lastly, the one closest to Kirito, Sachi, dies.

    That does not seem childish in my opinion. After all of that, the guild leader even commits suicide. Behind the scenes, think of all the psychological scarring.

    You can bring up more points, and so can I.. Just this is taking a while :p

    My rating of SAO: 9.5/10

    -Graphics: Fantasic

    -Plot: Amazing, while not 100% original, it's got everything going for it. Romance, Action, Psychological, Tragedy (in some aspects)

    -Characters: A very interesting blend of personalities, they created them well and made them clash where it mattered.

    -So why not 10/10?

    Although it is a personal favorite of mine, was extremely well made, and had those heart-wrenching moments. I couldn't help but feel that they put much more effort in for the start than anywhere else. Yes that is where you get peoples attention, but it felt a little disappointing to me.

    To Original Poster:

    Please keep in mind, these are all matters of opinion (for the most part). If you feel like you have some other points you want to bring up or argue, put it into the comment section please ^.^

    Source(s): Watched it over 3 times.
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  • 6 years ago

    I'm sorry but I disagree with you.

    ".. this is a story about a kid named Kirito who is stuck in a video game because some psycho, Kayaba Akihiko, the creator of sword art online game, he feels he should just randomly do so (I am serious he has no reason).." Actually he did this because he wanted to make his own "empire" as he said he always dreamed of a steel castle in the sky.

    "..what is worse is that this Kiroto guy is just the most childish character in this anime , screaming **** out like” I don’t kill NPCs,” like for real which idiot plays a video game and can say that to another human being.." Lets think about this, he wasnt just visualizing the game he was in the game. Although they are NPCs they resemble humans and act like them. It would be hard to kill something that resembles your own kind.

    "There were many flaws in this anime: it being childish is an understatement, they apparently couldn’t get hurt in the game but later on they were feeling pain, and if they couldn’t get hurt that means they couldn’t taste so like WTF?" It says that once they were informed that they couldnt log out, that they would die if their HP got too low. This means they could feel pain and the NerveGear uses microwave-like waves to send these tastes and feelings to your brain.

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  • 6 years ago

    I couldn't even finish reading your garbage.

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