The Green Mile : Who is a Worse Person? Percy Wetmore or William Wharton?

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    I'm young but I've read the books (as an avid Stephen King fan) and watched the film. Wild Bill, may have been the one on The Green Mile awaiting execution but I still found Percy was the worst human being there. Yes Bill, killed the girls John Coffey was executed for killing but his character was amusing whereas the way Percy fried Delaquar was monstrous, not just because of his actions but because it was a crime of spite, because the man found happiness with a mouse and because he was cruious, then the little prick had the nerve to lie. Wild Bill was a monster but at least he admitted it, whereas Percy preferred to play the holier than thou prison guard while committing horrendous acts in cold blood still convincing himself he was a good person.

    So there you have it. Sorry about the rant.

  • 7 years ago

    Between those two, William Wharton

  • Bret
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    7 years ago

    They are both despicable characters. But "Wild Bill" was a child murderer and rapist in addition to a jerk. While Percy was a reprehensible jerk as well as a sadist, he did not rape and murder children. So Wild Bill is worse, IMO.

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