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What are the steps for a new vaccine to be approved and come into market worldwide and who is responsible?

Which organisations are responsible for the approval process? Are the same organisations responsible for all around the globe or different for different places?

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    The drug companies are supposed to do double blind studies to test the effectiveness and safety of its vaccines. However there is little incentive to make sure vaccines are safe especially since 1986 when the Congress of the United States immunized the drug companies against strict product liability for the damage that vaccines can do. The Congress of the United States and SCOTUS has declared that vaccines are UN-avoidably UN-safe.

    Vaccines are tested against other vaccines or against the adjuvants. No vaccine has ever been tested in a clear double blind study, long term, scientific study in which one group is given the vaccine and another group is given a dummy shot, and the results are compared, long term. Most vaccine studies last no longer than two months, eight weeks. Most side effects to be reported and considered for Federal Vaccine Court have to be within a certain time frame also.

    Merck is under investigation for falsifying the effectiveness of its mumps vaccine. The case was filed by workers who were told to lie about the effectiveness of the vaccine.

    Go to the FDA website to see the exact steps that are supposed to be taken. The polio vaccine was never approved properly in 1955 and this lead to the Cutter Incident. The swine flu vaccine was never approved correctly in 1976 and many people developed GuillanBarre Syndrome from it, never recovering.



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    The CDC website explains the process:


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    There must be a reason why you are this question under News and Events and not under Health, but I just can't think of any.

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