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where is hemp legal to manfacture?

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  • Alicia
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    6 years ago
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    If you're talking Hemp as in the "lacks THC" variety of plant that's commonly used for ropes, fabrics, bio-fuel, food and animal feed...then not in the United States.

    Four States (Colorado, Vermont, California, and North Dakota) have passed laws enabling the ability to license growers and allow them to grow hemp. However since it is not legal in the US to grow, they're sort of stuck in the process. North Dakota is actually trying to get legislation through to push the DEA into allowing the non-Cannabinoid hemp to be grown since it isn't a drug and has many benefits.

    Now that's just local home growers. More than those four states have legalized it for commercial use (North Dakota, Hawaii, Kentucky, Maine, Maryland, Oregon, California, Montana, West Virginia and Vermont) but since the DEA is narky about it...they haven't started growing it.

    So far, Colorado is the only state to pass legislation allowing Hemp production and actually bring in a crop. The first in over half a century.

  • Ariana
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    Amsterdam and North Korea

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