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Cagla asked in SportsHockey · 6 years ago

How to meet hockey players at Winter Olympics?

I'm going to the Winter Olympics and it's my first time seeing professional players live which will probably be my last so I want to meet players. At least one because I won't get the chance ever again, I live too far away. Any way I can meet them? I want it so much and I'm willing to do or pay what it takes. Please help. Thanks

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  • 6 years ago
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    Since the unfortunate incident of the Munich Olympics in 1972, the IOC takes great precaution in keeping the athletes away from the common folk. So entrance to practices and pre game skates will be restricted. Also professional hockey players are too valuable to wander around freely in the population. Because the Ice Hockey Tournament is one of the highlights (and longest activities) of the games players won't be able to take in the Olympic experience like other athletes.

    So you will have to content yourself with meeting players at or after the games.

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  • 6 years ago

    Difficult, they will be in the olympic village away from non athletes for their safety.

    Closing cerimonies and after that. maybe on the airplane back.

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