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New job at barn- tips?

I'm a Western rider but i'll be working at an English barn...any tips?

Winters coming- any good warm workable gloves? any warm clothes recommendations?

Just any tips in general will be helpful..

I have worked at different barns for the last three years but never for actual money like this barn- just for lessons.

How different is an English barn from a Western barn?



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    First off.. horses are horses. I don't care if you work a western barn, english barn, breeding barn, racing barn or other. They all have the same basic tenants of horsemanship: clean fresh water, clean stalls, safe turn out, good fencing, clean legs, sound feet, good nutrition and sound deworming and vaccination protocols. Everything else is up to how the owner decides to do things.

    Don't be discouraged, each barn you work in -- and each horse professional you work with -- will have different ways of doing the exact same thing. Be attentive, be flexible, be on time and be helpful & polite.

    I've found Ariat Tek Insulated Gloves are good, but not waterproof. If you prefer leather, I swear by (and my personal favorite is) SSG Trail gloves with rag wool liners.

    Wool hats help loads. As do bib Carhart coveralls. And down vests.

    Never wear cotton as your first layer next to your skin; cotton kills in the cold.

    And don't forget to hydrate. :)

    Have fun.


    ETA: If you're serious about this job, you'll leave the "earbuds", ipad, and any smart phone in the car for your to use only during your lunch break. There's no place for someone distracted by technology while working with horses. In my barn, you get ONE warning.

    Then you're fired.


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    I like to listen to my own music while cleaning the stalls, so a set earbuds and some music downloads on your phone or mp3 will help make work at the barn a bit funner.

    Thick socks and underarmour is a good investment,

    There's is not really a huge difference. Just different riding styles.

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    2 tips.... 1) take a pair of panty hose and cut the feet off, wear this under all your other clothes. 2) underarmour . get one set of tops and bottoms. they are a real lifesaver!

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