Tips on getting accepted to the University of Michigan?

U of M-Ann Arbor. I asked this before, but I didn't quite get my question answered. ANY tips are welcome, so long they are somewhat helpful.

Things I have done so far as a current sophomore:

1. I know how to speak 4 and one-fourth languages- Arabic, English, Spanish, French, and some Latin

2. I have done some enrichment programs and clubs- Spanish Club (1 year), Writing Enrichment (1 year), Drama Club (1 year), Photography Enrichment (1 year), BuildOn (1 year). NO SPORTS

3. I have gone on a service trip to the Dominican Republic to help children learn to read and write.

4. Volunteered at a day care

5. This summer, I will be working in my Dad's friend's clinic for about 2 and a half months.

6. Taking IB courses (full diploma)

7. I am required to do an internship

8. I am required to do 150 hours of community service (plus 100 hours of creative things)

9. I am a Michigan resident

I understand that point 1 and 5 may not be very strong. I despise sports. What else can I do to boost me up? Currently, I am taking an SAT and ACT prep class. My GPA is currently a 3.9, and last year I ended with a 3.87 as an average of the two semesters. According to my English teacher, my essay writing skills "are just amazing!" (English Teacher quote). My Spanish and English teachers are willing to write me recommendations. I do not know my class ranking. Sorry that this is long, but I desperately need tips! Thank you if you have taken time to read and answer this.

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  • 7 years ago
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    What kind of things did you want in an answer? Just ask more directly so you get what you want, rather than asking for ambiguous "tips" and hoping the chips fall where you want them

    You gave more information this time, I think if you find 2 extracurriculars and actually go deep in them, show you can dedicate yourself to something, *then* you would be in a very good position to get into Michigan given you are a resident (to be candid, this would not be too competitive if you were out-of-state).

    By the way, you can say you speak 20 languages, it would be taken just as seriously. The only competencies people believe are either languages you grew up learning or if you have some international proficiency test certificate that you took (these exist for many languages, Japanese has the JLPT, korean has the TOPIK, chinese has the HSK, spanish has something, etc.). To be candid, a high school student saying they can speak the language they studied during high school and middle school is possible, just rare (excellent work if you are in the outlying group here and can speak/read/write very well! Just know that there is no way to distinguish you any of your many other classmates who only purport to speak, say, Spanish when they really just take Spanish classes. The two are not the same thing. Since you are in a pool with students who will embellish their abilities, your claimed proficiency will not be taken that seriously. An exam score cannot further inform enough, and unless you have been in a different country using that language it is hard to take someone's word for it who has seen perhaps only the inside of a classroom).

  • 7 years ago

    Everything looks amazing for UofM. Now, you just need your SAT or ACT score after your Junior year.

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