what are some items that represent colombia?

I am doing a project in school where i have to decorate a brown bag to represent a country (my country is colombia) and in the inside i have to put 7 items that represent colombia. i dont know what i can add and the project is due in 4 days. the item has to have some significance since i have to write a summary about the item and why it is important. Any suggestions?

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    I lived in bogota Colombia for several years and there are many good things you could put in your brown paper bag.

    1. Start with coffee. Colombia exports some of the very best coffee in the world, not as much as Brazil does but far better quality overall.

    2.Next comes oil. Lots of it there up by the Venezuela border.

    3. Would be tourism. A great place to go for a vacation.

    4. It's history. Look at Cartagena and its wonderful history.

    5. Colombia is the only country in south america that has an Atlantic and a Pacific coastline. Lots of fishing of course.

    6. The people and their culture. Get a photo of a colombian lady in national dress. Fabulous appearance.

    7. Last, but not least, you might like to mention flowers. Colombia exports 1000's of flowers daily to the USA on over night flights. Many of the flowers are spectacularly beautiful.

    Hope your project goes well. If you need more ideas or any help feel free to email me or YM me.

    Best of luck

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    Things That Represent Colombia

  • 6 years ago

    Son representativas de Colombia, pero en su forma física seguramente no todas caben en una bolsa de papel; podrías recurrir a fotos:

    1. Café (Juan Valdez): el mejor café suave del mundo.

    2. Esmeraldas: primer productor mundial.

    3. La orquídea: Flor Nacional de Colombia.

    4. El sombrero "vueltiao": artesanal, típico de los departamentos de Sucre, Córdoba y Bolivar (Costa Atlántica Colombiana).

    5. La bandera nacional.

    6. Artistas: Shakira, Juanes, etc.

    7. Deportes: equipo de patinaje sobre ruedas (ganador absoluto en todos los campeonatos mundiales de los últimos años), ciclismo, futbol, etc...

    Por supuesto, muchos asocian a Colombia con narcotráfico y guerrilla, que en muchos casos es lo mismo, pero no creo que para un trabajo escolar valga la pena.

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