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Torey Smith, Harry Douglas, Jarrett Boykin, Riley Cooper, or Hakeem Nicks this week?

I need to pick one out of these receivers who do you think has a better day sunday? thanks

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    Riley Cooper seems to be Nick Foles favorite target, and he's lighting it up.

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    Cooper, good match up vs a defense that is 28th vs WR's.. allowed multiple passing TD's in 2 of the last three games (5 total passing TD's to WR's in past 3 games). Foles hottest QB in the game right now and Cooper a big benefit to that. Single coverage on Cooper = match up problem for the CB.

    Don't bite on Nicks nothing shows he will do anything, Eli still only has one multiple TD game this year it's a great match up but the trend has been Randle or Cruz, now Brown will be running more and probably working the redzone rather than passing TD's I don't see where Nicks even fits in the offense anymore he's not reliable.

    Boykin - like him a lot but with a third string QB it's too risky if GB even gets one throwing TD and it would have to be the WR3 Boykin.

    Hairy D (hehe) - questionable, man I would've loved to see if he could even do 75% of what he did against TB the first time but with him being questionable and limited I'm staying away from that HD knee.

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    Cooper has been money recently, no reason that should change against a poor pass D.

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