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Injustice done during ARMY ALC APFT, Iron Soldier dismissal for Honors. What regulation covers appeals?

The story below is not bias however it is one sided please keep that in mind when replying.

Before I begin I know almost every rule about the APFT it is my pride and joy so to speak of my career after 10 correct reps the SM is to continue as such. I conducted 1 APFT for diagnostic in the cold weather two days before just to account for the cold weather score of my avg.

-My normal PT Test on avg. is as follows Push-ups- 110, Sit ups- 100, 2 mile Run 12 min 56 seconds

-Nov 15th 2013 I took my APFT (Army Physical Fitness Test) at 0600hrs.

-Before taking the first portion my grader SSG Blank asked "Who here gets upwards of 70-80 reps?" I replied with a lot of motivation "Here, Sgt" he then stated "Ok Hooah, just remember to go all the way down and all the way back up." Questioning whether I did them correctly I replied "Every Rep, Sgt."

-Upon my turn to execute the Push-ups portion wearing full winter APFU (Army Physical Fitness Uniform) because it was 28 degrees outside in VA. I got down in the ready position. The grader SSG Blank reminded me to remember to make sure I break the plain of the marching surface and upon going up lock out my elbows. I replied "Roger, Sgt" at the command "Begin" I began ferociously knocking out my push-ups like I have done for the past 7.5 years in the military.

-After SSG Blank counted very fast 1, 2, 3, 4 and so forth after a few seconds he got quiet and said "Stop." I asked "Do what, Sgt?" he replied "Stop, go to your knees, only your upper body was going all the way down, you were going so fast that I could not count and could not tell if you were using correct form, slow down and execute them properly." at this time he called SSG #2 over to demonstrate the "Regulation Push Up" after the demonstration I had little under a min left I was extremely irritated at his false accusations and returned to the "Get Set" Position he then stated "Stay on your knees until everyone else is finished, you will get another chance. I asked "What do you mean?" He then stated "Go to the End of the line, you will get another chance."

-After everyone else had finished I went to my place at the end of the line, very upset because PT is my life and Push -Ups is my strongest event I have competed in many competitions and executed flawless form. I thought to myself it must be my uniform. At this time I took everything winter about my PT uniform off and went to straight Summer APFU in upper 20 degree weather and waited for my turn again. At my next turn SSG Blank and the NCOIC in the middle both watched as I got down in the grass and executed 97 flawless push-ups and then 79 sit ups and ran 2 miles in 14 mins 17 seconds during the run and sit ups my mind was not in it I could not focus on anything except for what had happened during my first go at the Push up event I know for a fact that I executed over 15 reps my first go and 97 my second and I just dwelled on that over and over during the run I lost my rhythm, my breathing was off i could not concentrate and caused me to fail myself on the run with a sub-par score below 100%

-After the APFT I brought up the issue to my SGL (Small Group Leader) and asked to be treated fairly I would like another shot and willing to take the entire APFT again at their earliest convenience because it was against army regulation and I felt as though the Honors award was ripped from me, no one in my class got better than me on the APFT all around however I still wanted another shot because I did not pass in the run I needed to come across the finish like 17 seconds before I had. My SGL told me he would send it up , later that day he came up to me and told me that the 1SG had denied my case stating that I nearly got 100% on the sit ups and nearly 90% on the run which was “Good enough, be proud of it.” I said “Sgt, with all do respect that is BS just because it may be a ok score for most does not mean it is a good score for me.” He then told me “you have a ___ case and get acquainted with AR 350-1”. I was pretty educated on this AR and know about the appeals section for dismissal of the course and I will use the Open door Policy to go directly to the Commandant however I need help on this issue I do not know how to appeal or the appeals process or what AR covers appeals please . What is your honest opinion I have until Monday morning the 18th to act, this means a lot to me.

-If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask I will provide the best possible answer for you.


EODbot- First off I want to thank you for your kind advice. Second I want to tell you It is a very tough pill to swallow. I did think about it like that over the past few hours and wrestled with the idea of dropping it all together last night and today. I realize that it is my own fault I did not receive a 300 pts. APFT. I have no one to blame but myself. However in my defense I more than exceeded the standard and completed the mission without letting my emotions win. I am well aware that the main item to achieve is a DA Form 1059. There is no question in my mind that they will send me home, I have done nothing to deserve that. CSM Johnson believes PT is of highest importance as well as sticking up for what you believe in. I believe in AR's, TM's, and FM's and that they were put in place for a reason.

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    The thing you need to be concerned with is not if you have the right to take another APFT or an appeal, but rather what your DA-1059 will say if you continue to push this matter. If you are in Virginia that tells me you are at Fort Lee and CSM Johnson is not one to screw around with. He is very well liked by the Sergeant's Major Academy and will cover his rear.

    If I were the CSM, my rebuttal to you would be that:

    You are an NCO and a leader. You got upset because you didn't get your way with the push-ups and that got in the way of your run. You have no one to blame for that but yourself. Leaders can't let their emotions drive their actions. Do we need to send you home so you can work on your leadership and your emotions?

    Being sent home is not what you want. You will be sent home with a DA-1059 and per AR 623–3 and DA Pam 623–3, a narrative explaining the concise details about the early release must be included on the DA-1059. This may ruin your career. You could be flagged and barred from reenlistment.

    For your sake, I would strongly recommend you ensure they are not perceiving you as leading with your emotion.


    Utilize your NCO support channel. Contact your supervisor from your home station. Ask your NCO Channel for advice.

    AR 27-10 goes further in depth on the process of filing Complaints of wrongs pursuant to UCMJ Article 138, .

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    Army Alc

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    EOD is spot on

    Look guy...your goal is a 1059

    I was the DHG out of both PLDC and BNCOC...didn't matter or help my career any way shape or form

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