Tips on getting accepted into the University of Michigan?

I'm a sophomore with a 3.9 GPA. Next year, I'm beginning the full IB program. My HL (higher level) classes will be biology, Spanish (or English. Advice on this?), and history. On my PSAT, I got a 2300. I plan on retaking it, along with the ACT. I'm currently in Drama Club, but have to stop, because I don't like it. I took a service trip to the Dominican Republic last year. I hate sports, and don't plan to lead anything any time soon. This summer, I'm going to Lebanon to work at my Dad's friend's clinic for the entire 3 months. I have also volunteered at a day care for a month. Anything else I can do? ANY advice is welcome. Oh, and I always do my homework and ask for help when I don't understand a concept.

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  • 7 years ago
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    Are you a Michigan resident? That is kind of the most important factor here.

    Just do other extracurriculars that are not sports if you "hate" them. I think your service trips are fine, but they do not quite make up for your relative deficit in extracurricular activities as compared with your classmates. Of course you get a 3.9 GPA, you do not do anything but school, you know? I do not mean that in a mean way, but people who have other things going on in their lives have less time than you do. If you dedicate yourself to one task, like school and have no other activities, then you should be getting a 3.9 :)

    My activities in high school were:

    (1) tennis (3 years)

    (2) soccer (1 year, I was not good enough)

    (3) chorus (4 years, my final year I was in the highest level [audition] choir)

    (4) men's ensemble (3 years)

    (5) forensics (4 years, extemporaneous and impromptu speaking)

    (6) policy debate (2 years, national circuit)

    (7) DECA (3 years)

    Maybe that can give you some ideas, the point is that I did not do a lot of sports. During summers I worked in clothing stores. Anyway, everyone who applies to michigan has like 10 activities, so you have to be competitive with them. You have to start now, as you need to show you have done things for a few years to mean anything, not try and resume stuff at the last minute. It would be better if you could get good at some activities and have accolades to show for it. Michigan is not nearly as hard to get into as an ivy, but it still hard if you are out of state. If you are in-state (like me), then it was much easier. You can google "umich freshmen profile" to find out their admissions with regard to statistics of the students.

    Your IB choices are on the easier side, do you know what general area you want to get into? For example, if you wanted to do engineering, then do IB physics, not biology. Biology is the easiest IB science (ask anyone). In the end, the most rewarding IB courses will probably be the subjects you never get to take again, e.g. psychology, musicology, history, chinese, ... in some sense what I am suggesting is that you do not put too much emphasis on IB courses preparing you for college or helping your educational end-goals from university, IB is a lot easier than any college course (though they shamelessly might put the word "college" on their textbooks) so while you should show you are "serious" by taking relevant HL courses, what I am saying is that the non-serious courses you take will probably be the most memorable. I remember my musicology course and took away much more from it than say my physics course (I study physics in grad school).

    Source(s): Michigan alum
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