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Fantasy Football Help? Want to hold on to a 3 Game Win-Streak!?

Please answer each scenario.

1. WR Jordy Nelson slumped for me last week, and NFL Network says he's the #5 WR To Sit. My WR1 is Megatron himself. Who should I start in Nelson's position? Should I Start Nelson?

WR Options: G. Tate (v. MIN): Tate would have a great amount of points with my QB being Russel Wilson. The return of Percy Harvin is questionable.

T. Smith (@ CHI): Smith had a nice amount of points in my league. Chicago gave up 26 points to megatron last week. With no Charles Tillman, this Chicago defense is weak.

2. Which RB Should be my flex? B. Tate (v. OAK) or S. Ridley (@ CAR)

3. Get a new TE in place of C. Clay? G. Olsen is the best on the Waivers in my league.

Thanks! Please answer!

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    torrey smith. although minnesota has a horrible pass defense, tate is too boom or bust for me though. nelson+ tuelzein.... forget it. go with ben tare for rb. He will be getting a lot of snaps. Carolina is one of the best defensive teams in the league and Steven Ridley could struggle. for te, i would go with olson, although they both arent great. good luck this week.

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    Torre over Nelson, Ben Tate ur RB Carolina D is too good right now n Olsen for TE. Can u answer mines which 2 WR should I start: Harvin, Cruz, Santonio Holmes or rueben randle.

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