What is HR development?

What exactly is HR development and could you give me some examples?


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  • 7 years ago
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    Development, as opposed to training, involves activities that prepare employees for future work responsibilities. It has a long-term focus.

    Training provides employees the knowledge, skills and abilities needed to perform a particular job now. It has an immediate focus.

    HR development (HRD) is an HR intervention deployed to improve an organisation’s effectiveness. It involves the employees participating in programmes which are designed to upgrade the level of their knowledge and skills and to bring about a desirable change in their job behaviour. Then measurement systems are in place to evaluate the effectiveness of an HRD programme in meeting its objectives. The purpose is to provide feedback for the organisation to perform its future HRD planning. If the HRD progarmme does not bring about organisational effectiveness, the effort is not worthwhile.

    Examples of HR development are formal classroom education (such as MBA) program, management trainee program, on-job learning, job rotation (even global exposure), mentoring system, continuous review of the above, and so forth


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    HR development is an on job or off job training program, conducted by the organization to polish and to groom the skills of individuals to increase the productivity.

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    The HR department provides comprehensive human resource management services for the company.

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